How to Analyze Business Processes for ERP implementations

In our last blog post we discussed about 5 tips to create Successful ERP implementation 7 Tips for In which we discussed that proper analyzing of your business process is one of the important task. In this post we will discuss how Business Process Mapping is important to reduce the risk during the ERP implementation. Business Process Gathering or in simple term Functional Requirement gathering helps you to sketch proper timelines and optimum utilization of the resource working on the project.

Here we go with some tips on How to analyze your Business Process for ERP Implementation

Select the right Process. – One of the most important part of any organization is to focus on those processes which are key towards the working of your organization. There may be other processes which are not proper and need to be work on to create smoothness. Concentrating on most important process will help you to gain more value.

Simple Process – Any organizations have multiple processes some of them are simple and some are complex. Our suggestion is to start with Simple Process and then analyze the complex process. Since simple process will gain your confidence & motivation.

Key Opinions – Identify the key players and make sure those are involved. Since their key opinions will give perfectness to the process you are mapping. There are cases where lower management know everything and senior management are unaware of.

Elimination of Bottlenecks – It is very important to identify the bottlenecks in the processes so that they don’t create problems while ERP implementation. Inefficient processes elimination helps you to gain value and improved ERP solution.

Process Flow diagram – They played a very important role – Create workflow diagrams using various software or simply create on a paper with some text showing the detail working of the departments. We have suggested this to many of our clients and the results were 100% perfect even there are new changes in the flows. Flow charts and process diagrams of your organization give a cleaner picture to the vendors before starting the implementation.

Confirmation of Flow – Take help of various people of your organization towards the confirmation of the flow. Since every department flows are different, It gives you a confirmation that the ERP and the departments working on the same page and remove any inaccuracy and unintended bias.

Modification – There are modification in the BRD (Business Requirement Document). This happens when you are testing the ERP software therefore it is necessary to modify the document constantly.

Apart from the above tips if you feel that you need to hire external vendor to create a Business process or Functional requirement Document – you can do so to ensure proper mapping and requirement gathering. But it should be noted that External vendors also need various inputs of your organizational members, to create and map the process successfully.

About Bista Solutions

We at Bista solutions are the official Gold Partners of Odoo OpenERP and have done many implementation and Business requirement gathering for many of our clients. Business Process gathering helps you to create a proper mapping of your organization before ERP implementations. Apart from that it also reduces the timelines of the project.

For any information –On BRD or Functional requirement gathering you can contact our Business development Manager using our contact form.