From Closed to Open Source ERP software

Are you using Closed source or Licensed ERP software in your organization?

Do you tend to implement costly tools for your business even you are a too young organization for the investment?

There are many ERP software which are costly some of the examples are  SAP, Oracle and Microsoft’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software specifically crafted for Small and Midsized Businesses.

As commonly known as proprietary or Paid software; SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft do implement ERP software for small & midsized companies but with the huge dent on their balance sheet. Being proprietary software there is the minimal scope or no scope of customization. The license fee is not just a one-time affair but it’s an ongoing one. The company has to pay Annual Maintenance fees and also yearly license fees.

Probably these are few reasons companies are looking out for more cost effective options like Open source ERP software for Small and Medium Size business. This will make a huge difference in the pocket of your organization since if you have a low budget you can opt to even test for your organization adaptation. There are many Open source ERP software available in the market and the leading one is OpenERP, Our research says that in 3 years time the number of downloads has been doubled with more than 3 version – Recent is OpenERP 7.0.

OpenERP provides ERP implementation that is known for its openness and cost effectiveness. The USP of OpenERP is its scope of customization. The user can customize it as per his requirement making it more effective and efficient than the other proprietary software. Also, OpenERP is backed by the strong community of developers; they have helped over the years to grow the community and keep it as open source.

Now a day’s companies are switching to OpenERP from their existing proprietary software just to reap the benefits of customization and cost effectiveness. Not only big corporations but also small & midsized companies are actively selecting OpenERP as their ERP tool. To summarize it, good software is the one which works according to you and not the other way round. Similarly, OpenERP works for you as per your needs and not the other way round as in a case of SAP, Microsoft, and Oracle.

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