New GUI Odoo ERP Customization by Bista Solutions Inc

This time Bista is proud to customize and Improve Odoo ERP Design with GUI, this customized GUI web- based interface for Odoo ERP allows users to experience an awesome visualized and appealing user interface to increase the user’s perception of Odoo ERP usefulness, ease of use and efficiency.

Bista has successfully completed the refreshment of UI design over the Traditional Odoo interface for the US based Customer “Elemental Wellness”. Elemental Wellness is medical cannabis collective in San Jose.

Bista is working on on-going customization for Elemental Wellness, and this project is still in the development phase.

Let’s check, How the Odoo interface was before the GUI customization ?

UI Odoo Interface Customisation

After the customisation

GUI Customisation of Odoo ERP

Can Bista Solution Implement GUI with Our Odoo?

Yes, Bista solutions has the intelligences to implement any GUI design with Odoo ERP, If you’re doing for any customizations, implementation or any integrations you can email us on, Click Here