Highlights Of Odoo 11

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  • Dec 29, 2017
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Odoo 11 is released and this blog highlights the changes done and improved modules of Odoo 11. Also, Odoo 11 is supported on python3 and higher versions only.


Improved loading speed. Loading speed is 2-3 times faster than Odoo 10.


Sales and CRM have separate menus.

Website and Website Admin menu in odoo 10 have merged in single menu named as Website menu.

Kanban View:

New Kanban Layout with a Useful Progress Bar for example in CRM -> Pipeline.

New App:

Online Appointments:

Allow customers or visitors to book a meeting. It also allows to set reminders through mail and SMS service.

Marketing Automation:

Automate repetitive actions such as email campaigns for the customer. For example, if you want to enroll in every new activities done in specific campaign it sends mail to a targeted customer in a timely manner to keep up-to-date and also set the automated reminder for any activities.

Accounting Dashboard:

A new Configuration bar is introduced in order to setup and navigate the Company Data, Bank Accounts, Fiscal Year, Chart of Account and Initial Balance.


Pricelist feature is included.


Proforma Invoices – Print Proforma invoices directly from a sale order.

Product Catalog – New menu added to manage product, pricelist and variants.

Improved Configuration -> Setting:

Global Search across all Setting and to switch from the setting of one app to another.


Improved customize url in website builder: In odoo 10, on creating the new page from the website builder the url includes “/page/” by default which is removed in odoo 11.

Website New Features:

Wishlist – Customer can add products to wishlist so that they can buy their favourite products faster.

Product Comparator – Allows to compare the products.

Product Availability – Allows to show the quantity of product available and also to make product inactive which is not available.

Coupons and Promotions – Added coupons and promotions system.


Unlock button in Delivery Order – Allows you to update the quantity of product even though it is validated.

Picking Type – New Picking Type i.e. mrp_operation (Manufacturing Operation) is added along with internal, incoming, outgoing. As you can see in Inventory Dashboard there is one new Kanban as Manufacturing is present which includes Manufacturing Order.

Keyboard Shortcut:

Increased keyboard shortcut.


Clicking Mark Won button in Pipeline – a rainbow with a smile appears to send message about performance.


Sale and Invoice – Create projects or tasks on the validation of sales orders.

Subtask – Can create subtask by selecting the Parent Task in both Community and Enterprise.

Task Merge – Can merge the duplicate task.


Leaves – Leaves can be automatically recorded in the timesheet.

Reminders – Automate email to remind employee and manager to fill their timesheet.

Uninstall App:

While uninstalling any app wizard shows up using which one can select the modules they want to uninstall and its related records gets deleted.

New payment acquirer:

Payumoney and payment Stripe.

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