How long does it take to implement OpenERP?

This post is specifically posted for those who are looking out for implementing OpenERP for their organization.

Time is one of the most important factors in implementing any Business software. OpenERP being Open source and modular in nature takes various timeline towards the implementation. Let’s divide the implementation strategies in various group to understand the timeline for OpenERP

OpenERP implementations with default modules available can take somewhere 2 months time again as we said it depend on business to business and case to case basis.

Another part of OpenERP implementation is the customization part – this is one part where the estimation is solely depend on the modification you want to do in the tool to match your requirements. Sometime there might be all modules you implemented need customization and sometimes there are few.

There further more features of OpenERP implementation such as creating the workflows, hierarchy, users, training, bug fixing, testing, uploading on client server, and again testing etc. considering all these points a normal OpenERP implementation minimum take 2 months of time (again as i said depending on case to case basis)

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