10 Reasons Why Big Companies Prefer Open-Source ERP Software

Open-Source ERP Software

This blog highlights the growing influence of Open-Source ERP Software in large companies and the financial impact on the operations & budget of these.

  1. Lower Cost – due to budget & financial constraints large companies are now looking for cost-effective software solutions that are tailor-made for their business. As the technology industry continues to become more sophisticated and specialized, the custom software allows IT, managers, to better control operating expenses by avoiding costly purchases of features and functionalities that are not relevant to their business model.
  2. Independent but Connected – open source software gives any company the ability to maintain third-party software for specific operational functions (such as shipping), but still be able to integrate seamlessly with other independent software or software platforms for complete system connectivity/visibility.
  3. Agile methodology – companies who implement agile methodology benefit from open source software as it can easily be adapted or modified to match the current step in project development. In other words, open source can be as agile as the methodology.
  4. Easy Change Management – making changes for process enforcement is easily handled by open source software. Because the software can be shifted at any time it allows for greater ability to implement modifications that pop up along the way without disrupting overall business operations.
  5. Security is Enhanced – bugs and problems are identified quicker and fixed faster with open source software because there are multiple points of contact. More people with access means more eyes watching developments, making sure the system operates intact.
  6. Customization – open source software provides the perfect platform for companies to build their own customizations as per their business needs. Customizing software saves time and money as you can start with a basic platform and then “build to suit” on top of that. This ultimately gives the customer complete control over their processes & technology.
  7. Flexibility– is the biggest asset of having open source software since it can be integrated with any application.
  8. IT Sourcing options – Through open-source implementation, companies can choose whether to have a completely outsourced IT team or have its own internal team. It also gives a company full ability to maintain control over the specific aspects of IT which it wants to outsource or maintain “in-house”.
  9. Sustainability & Stability – controlled implementation of open source applications helps provide greater throughput, sustainability & stability in the affected applications thereby delivering better results with lower expenses.
  10. More Efficient Processes – because open source generally requires a closer look at current business operations, once implemented it generally means a business is runner leaner and better than it was before. So not only does the company have greater control and visibility across all facets, but because each was looked at in depth, they become more efficient as well.

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