How to create Ad-Hoc reports in Odoo

A number of times clients ask us whether OpenERP has the capability to make Adhoc reports. It is very important for the client to have access to information which has been entered into the ERP and view it from a particular perspective. The base_report_creator module can be used to create powerful Adhoc reports, though it requires some level of technical expertise from the user to create the report – they should know the Object in the ERP, how they are interlinked and the fields etc.

The base_report_creator module which can be used for Adhoc reports

The new option called “Custom Reports” which is created by this module

Odoo ERP Software

Creating a new custom report by selecting the objects whose data need to be part of the report. Also a Menu option to access this custom report can be created from this page
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Specifying the fields which need to be displayed in the custom report and how to group them and whether to show them on the graph.
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The newly created custom report
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The report can also be shown as a Graph
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