Introducing SugarCRM for your Sales Force

SugarCRM is an application that helps in managing the Customer Relationship/ lead management / Marketing Automation/ Campaign management and other activities of an organisation. SugarCRM started as Open source Project on SourceForge, and the company still maintain a fully open source version. SugarCRM offers flexible, web-based and a cost effective customer Relationship management tool (CRM).

SugarCRM allows the organization to improve the Salesforce management and customer management while creating efficient and effective sales. SugarCRM source code availability to developer’s and customers allows them to do the customization, Modification, changes in the CRM. SugarCRM can be deployed in a hosted, self-hosted or third-party hosted environment. SugarCRM also allows the Vendor independency where the Company never committed to the same vendor.

It also allows with other information such as Reporting tool, Dashboards for quick actions. SugarCRM Products includes Sugar Community Edition, Sugar Professional and Sugar Enterprise. The Community Edition is Open Source and free to download.  The Professional and Enterprise editions are offered under a commercial license.

My next posting will be on the Comparison of SugarCRM Editions for a better differentiation.