Keys to Successful ERP Implementation

Keys to Successful ERP Implementation
  • For a successful ERP implementation, ERP projects must have a powerful project management in place. Companies need to handle their ERP project well from the start to be successful.
  • Organizational change management is another key to successful ERP implementation
  • It is of prime importance to define goals for your implementation, this can help the organisation to explore the purpose of the whole ERP implementation. As ERP projects are Business projects it is not enough to just look at the technical aspects. Few things you need to do in the initial stages
  • Start gathering all the requirements by involving all the stakeholder of the project, this will ensure proper requirement defining process
  • Define all the business processes clearly, analysing whether or not you need an ERP system is the first step in this.
  • After you have determined to start with ERP implementation, selection of the right software is the next important step. Also it is very important to keep realistic expectations about what the software can do for you. Select a software that best fits your business and not the one which provides fancy feature or most of the competitions use in the market.
  • The people who are working on the project must express their pain points time and again to bring out the alternatives to the problems through discussions with the end user. Heavy user inputs throughout the development cycle leads to a successful implementation
  • Minimize the risks through multiple QA’s (Quality assurance checks). You cannot always avoid mishaps but you can definitely minimize their effects by quality checks.Quality Assurance focuses mainly on two things :
    1. Developing a product/service that best suits its intended purpose
    2. Eliminating mistakes from the system by doing things rightly.
  • A successful ERP project has to justify its cost and this can be measured with benefits realization plans. Benefits realization plan must prove to executives that the ERP implementation is worth the investment.