Making ERP implementation a Success using Change Management

  1. Odoo development firms should have a good change management process in place to handle the entire cycle of Change Management since Change Management is very vital for Business suite Applications due to complexity & mapping of business processes in different departments & business operations
  2. Odoo development firms should define a unique way of change management process due to agility requirements for business operations and every changing business environment due to stringent competition in different business domains. Firms have to be up on sleeve for the ERP implementation with well-defined set of ERP features & change management is one part which has to be carefully drafted into ERP management & ERP Implementation
  3. ERP Implementation has a greater stakeholder impact considering its management and its application in different business domains since every stakeholder has his own department to look after and the Business suite application should satisfy the needs of the department in a straightforward manner
  4. ERP features require change management for process enforcement and to have processes define the change & control its impact to the business operations in such a way that it is crafted in a lenient manner to handle the process flow with multiple data points linked and handled precisely.
  5. Change management plays a very important role in the ERP environment with its purpose of managing the ERP features & a complete ERP management & ERP Implementation