Mulberry Farms OptoMeat Testimonial

Lindsey Wilson, Mulberry Farms, OptoMeat, Bista Solutions

Mulberry Farms OptoMeat Testimonial

Lindsey Wilson of Mulberry Farms gives his testimonial about OptoMeat and the process of working with Bista Solutions to implement it.

Since the late 90s and early 2000s, Gainesville-located meat processor Mulberry Farms used QuickBooks to manage much of its business. However, they were limited by legacy software that was inadequate for the industry, and departments within the business were isolated from each other.

With OptoMeat, Mulberry Farms has finally gained a lot of traceability, which has helped it improve many of its processes. OptoMeat has also connected the entire business to help it run more cohesively.

Wilson states, “We evaluated probably five or six different ERP systems. Bista just seemed very professional. They came in and did an evaluation of our facility and our process, helping us kind of lay out the groundwork of what Bista could do for us. The team has been more than helpful. Finding somebody that’s really willing to work with you as well as for you, I think was the biggest deciding factor.”

About OptoMeat

OptoMeat is an ERP software designed specifically for the meat processing industry. After working with clients like Mulberry Farms, Bista Solutions discovered that the industry had unique requirements that made custom software extremely valuable.

For example, meat is a perishable good. This means that timeliness is key in providing the freshest, best-tasting products possible. It’s also important the product does not have any quality defects, and food processors in general have to make sure to comply with governmental regulations (for example, the USDA) when it comes to quality standards.

With that in mind, Bista Solutions developed additional features for meat processors. This included a conversion tracking feature, to keep track of the status of meat and notify the company when it needed to be transferred from fresh to frozen. Bista also added in a quality check system, so that if the business needed to respond to a recall or comply with food regulations, it could easily do so.

As Wilson mentions, lot traceability was a key benefit of the ERP software he purchased, especially compared to the previous software. Lot traceability is what allows many of the previously mentioned features to work since different lots will have particular characteristics associated with them (date, quality, freshness, etc.).

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