Odoo 10 MRP: Advanced Traceability

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  • Feb 02, 2017
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Introduction to odoo v10:

Odoo formerly known as OpenERP and before that tinyERP is a suite of enterprise management applications.Targeting companies of all sizes, the application suite includes billing, accounting, warehouse management, project management etc.

A few months ago odoo v10 is launched with its new features. It is a platform for which we could say ”All Applications Under One Roof”.

Odoo 10 MRP Features:

In the manufacturing module both in enterprise and community edition of odoo v10, Odoo has provided some ‘Extra Features’ such as maintenance, quality control, MPS (Master Production Schedule) etc. These features justify that Odoo 10 is a complete package for managing your manufacturing process effortlessly with no complexity of integration with different software to take care of the quality or the maintenance phases.Let’s first understand these features in detail one by one:

  • Odoo 10 production:

    The major change which is made by odoo 10 to the module “Production” is that now it has MPS (Master Production Schedule).This is used to know the no.of items that are to be produced, the planned inventories of the raw material, finished products etc.

It also plays an important role in the balancing of demand with the supply i.e satisfaction of customers.


  • Odoo 10 PLM: –

  • This module is there for supporting routings, and nomenclatures. Basically, PLM application allows us to-

  • Make manufacturing order route revision

  • Generate alerts for changes in BoM’s as well as routes in MO(Manufacturing Order).

  • Generate multi-level approvals from higher authorities for any revision before making changes in MO.


  • Advanced quality control procedures.

  • Rejection flow for rejected products.

  • Masters for quality defined operations.

  • Flow for quality approval


Odoo 10 MRP: Traceability

Traceability is a term which is used for checking the history of products and lots.In the products from view also there is a smart button of ‘Traceability’ which will always show history regarding how much products comes/goes out/inventory and all.

Lots: OpenERP online can also manage product lots.Two types of lots are defined-

  • Serial numbers: These are represented by a unique product or an assembly of identical products.They are usually identified by barcodes stuck on the products.The batch of products can be marked with a supplier number or your own company numbers.

  • Tracking numbers: These are logistical lots to identify the container for a set of products.

The double entry management in odoo ERP online enables you to run advanced traceability(upstream and downstream traceability)

Upstream Traceability: It runs from the raw materials received from the supplier and follows the chain to finished products delivered to customers.

Downstream Traceability: It follows the product in the other direction from customer to different suppliers of raw material.


We can also find this option of ‘Traceability’ in the products form view



This was all about odoo Mrp Traceability, we hope this short snippet would have helped you in getting some insights about odoo.

Stay tuned for more information on odoo.

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