New features expected in Odoo 13

Odoo 13 is one of the most anticipated version of Odoo which is expected to be officially unveiled at the Odoo Experience 2019 scheduled in October later this year. The upcoming version is under development and is expected to introduce several new features that will enhance the functionality of the application.

Last year, Odoo released version 12, Odoo v12 which had a slew of new features Some of the biggest changes in Version 12 came to the Accounting module. Other large changes came with a newly introduced Document Management module, an IoT (internet of things) module and multi-website management.

What are the major changes expected in Odoo 13? What modules are added and what modules are moved from enterprise to community and vice versa? Let’s find out from the expected features of Odoo 13 that are made public and some speculation from the Odoo Community.

Prima facie, few modules from the Odoo 12 Enterprise edition will now be available in the Odoo 13 Community version. These include modules such as Sale Coupon and Promotion Program, Website Form Builder. However, HR payroll is moved from Community edition to Enterprise.

Let’s look at the new features expected in Odoo 13 below:

Odoo 13 new Features:

New Apps

  • New App: Field Service Management

Odoo 13

  • A new module called  HR Skills is included for managing employee skills.

Odoo 13


  • Subcontracting in MRP
  • This functionality now allows you to directly enter order details of your vendor in the system.

Odoo 13

Work Orders

  • More stretchability with your components’ consumption., You can Define on your BoM if you want to consume more or fewer components than planned (works for Work Orders and Manufacturing Orders).
  • Display a timer on your work orders.

Odoo 13


  • Login to POS UI as Employee, instead of User

Odoo 13


  • Display product videos in eCommerce

Odoo 13

Odoo 13

HR, Payroll & Employee

  • Payroll Planning

Odoo 13

  • HR: Automatically detect employees presence based on activity
  • Leaves: Set up an Out Of Office message on your leaves

Odoo 13


  • Invoicing a sales order is now smoother; better phrasing, option to deduct down payments only appears if needed.
  • Warning on the invoice.

Odoo 13


  • Three new fields added i.e.Can be Expensed, Is a Landed Cost and Sell on eBay.

Odoo 13

Delivery & Shipping

  • Print return shipping labels with FedEx.
  • Generate and print return labels for all carriers as well as additional improvements regarding delivery orders on the portal.

Odoo 13


  • New signature widget (binary field). Add signatures anywhere with Odoo Studio. Request signed confirmations in any process: on purchase orders, delivery receipts, etc.

Odoo 13

Online Survey

  • Manage online certifications with Odoo Survey. Test deadline, multiple attempts, on-screen timer, passing score, send and print certificates.

Odoo 13

  • New answer type ‘date time’ in Odoo Survey.

Odoo 13

After sales services

  • Manage refunds, returns, coupons, and repairs directly from your helpdesk tickets. Integrate your support teams with sales, accounting, project, and warehouse departments.

View Improvements

  • Mass editing in the list view, group by enhancement like new button in the group.
  • New Search Panel is introduced in the Kanban View.

Odoo 13


  • Leave is renamed to Time Off.

Odoo 13

  • Delivery Method’ is renamed to ‘Shipping Method’.

Odoo 13

Features moved from Odoo Enterprise → Community

Website form builder

Odoo 13

Sales Coupon and Promotion module

Odoo 13

Feature moved from Community →Enterprise

HR Payroll

Odoo 13

HTML & Javascript:

  • Chartjs will be available in Odoo v13. This will open up a wide range of possibilities for building statistics and more advanced portals out of the box.
  • Odoo 13 will be running on jQuery 3.
  • HTML editor support now as Checklists.

These are just the initial list of new features expected in Odoo 13. We will come up with a detailed guide on the list of new features in Odoo 13 as soon as it is officially unveiled.


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