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  • Aug 29, 2018
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The much awaited Odoo 12 is finally being released in October! Version 12 not only comes with usability updates and new features, but also comes with brand new modules. As a Gold Level partner of Odoo, Bista Solutions has received many of these updates and can now share them with you.

Some of the biggest changes in Version 12 come to the Accounting module, which has been revamped significantly. The new Odoo Accounting makes it easier to use and configure, and also adds new components for accountants, such as the ability to import vendor bills and use OCR.

Other large changes come with a newly introduced Document Management module, to share documents amongst your team, and an IoT (internet of things) module, to manage your IoT devices.

Finally, Odoo now allows multi-website management. This means you can have 2 or more websites with ordering capabilities tied to your ERP backend. This is a huge benefit, especially for eCommerce businesses who want to simplify management of multiple website stores.

Continue reading to see the full list, as well as screenshots of the newest Odoo 12 features!

Table of Contents:

  1. Accounting
  2. Website
  3. Document Management
  4. IoT
  5. Odoo Studio
  6. Discussion and Chat
  7. Calendar and Activities
  8. Inventory
  9. Project Management
  10. Language
  11. Subscriptions
  12. Sales

Odoo 12 Enterprise Features

1. Accounting

Some of the largest changes in Version 12 come to the Accounting module:

1.1 – New Configuration Progress bar with better interface and better colors:

Odoo 12 001 - Accounting configuration progress bar

– From the progress bar, you now have the ability to create a new bank account directly, rather than having to go to Settings first.
– During ‘Create a Bank Account,’ Odoo gives you the option to create a new journal or link to an existing journal:

Odoo 12 002 - Accounting new journal link to existing journal

1.2 – Import Vendor Bill from Accounting Dashboard directly and send to OCR:

Odoo 12 003 - Accounting import vendor bill

Odoo 12 004 - Accounting import vendor bill upload pdf file

Odoo 12 005 - Accounting send through OCR optical character recognition

1.3 – Bank Reconciliation Threshold:

Odoo 12 006 - Accounting bank reconciliation threshold

1.4 – Customer/Vendor Receipt, which gives you the ability to collect or pay money with defining a specific partner.

2. Website

The latest version of Odoo comes with multi-website support, a feature that many companies have been looking for. It’s hugely useful for e-commerce since it allows companies to have 2+ separate webstores connected to their single ERP system.

In addition to that, Odoo now also features a colorful dashboard, as well as helping you capture more user metadata for marketing.

2.1 – Multi-website support, allowing configuration of as many websites as desired. Can also choose a different theme for each website:

Odoo 12 021 - Multiwebsite management

2.2 – Colorful analysis dashboard in website sales for overview and easy readability:

Odoo 12 020 - Website dashboard

2.3 – User metadata capturing, such as IP address and user device, while generating a lead from the website through the Contact Us page.

– Configuration as below:

Odoo 12 022 - Website metadata user device

– Real-time example for this feature:

Odoo 12 023 - Website user device metadata

3. Document Management

Odoo 12 comes with a new Document Management module. A basic version was released in Odoo 8, but removed after, and is now being introduced again. Document management is extremely helpful for HR and document-heavy industries, e.g. industries where companies need to keep insurance, certificates, POs, etc. with each sold product.

3.1 – Complete solution for Document Management:

Odoo 12 013 - Document management module

3.2 – Defining default destination for attached documents:

Odoo 12 014 - Document management default destination

4. IoT (Internet of Things)

Odoo 12 also comes with a new IoT module to help your business manage your IoT devices.

4.1 – Ability to manage IoT boxes inside Odoo.

5- Odoo Studio

Odoo Studio allows companies who want to do self-service more easily customize their instance. The newest change allows users to easily change reports on their system.

5.1- Ability to design and edit a specific report using drag and drop feature in more easy way:

Odoo 12 007 - Odoo Studio report

6.Discussion and Chat

6.1- Ability to integrate Discussion module with GitHub Repositories:

Odoo 12 008 - Discussion module GitHub Repositories

7.Calendar and Activities

7.1 – Better view and easier to track and analyze all activities:

Odoo 12 009 - Calendar and Activities easy tracking

8. Inventory

8.1 – New and advanced graphical view for all inventory operations:

Odoo 12 010 - Inventory graphical view

8.2 – Push and Pull Rules have been merged. Significant usability improvements to the rule view

9. Project Management

9.1 – Cohort and Dashboard for every project:

Odoo 12 016 - Project management cohort dashboard

Odoo 12 017 - Project management cohort dashboard 2

9.2 – Customers can pay with their mobile banking app using SEPA QR codes:

Odoo 12 018 - SEPA QR codes

Odoo 12 019 - SEPA QR codes

10. Language

Arabic is a language that is written right to left. The newest Odoo 12 update synchronizes the screen with that, benefiting many Middle East and African Odoo clients.

10.1 – Arabic language right to left alignment without using 3rd party application:

Odoo 12 011 - Arabic Language right to left alignment

11. Subscriptions

11.1 – New enhancements to Subscriptions module:

Odoo 12 012 - Subscription module enhancement

12. Sales

12.1 – Ability to add notes in sales order lines:

Odoo 12 015 - Sales order notes

That concludes our summary of the new Odoo 12 features. What updates are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below! And feel free to reach out to us on our contact page if you’re interested in implementing Odoo.