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  • Jun 16, 2021
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Odoo 15 New Features Buzz

Odoo has made as of now its worldwide­ presence across the world through its remarkable ERPs solutions and business management software. Moreover, the demographic of Odoo is now reaching 4 millions clients around the different parts of the world through different areas of business operation and its related business demands. Today Odoo stands as the top model in the market of ERP software competing its following ERPs. Now Odoo has upgraded from Odoo 14 to Odoo 15.

Last year, Odoo 14 was considered to be the most exceptional and fastest, well-paced with features that are more advanced than its competitors. Consistently, for different industries, the Odoo ERP solutions, which are continuously moving to a new version every year with much more improved features, migrated to version 14 with many attractive features and widgets in different modules.

A new version with new features is again the Odoo 15 will be coming with its promising year ahead essentially in this pandemic. Odoo 15 will be way more advanced than the previous version and comprising more functional features to run the business more productively and effectively.

Odoo 15 Anticipated Highlights


1.   Sales >> Products.

Either from the Sales module or Purchase module or Inventory module you can just go to product master.

Then click on the products for any record.

There is a star button on all the products so that one can directly do a Favorite for the Products. So once you favorite this product then it can be seen in the favorite search panel.

Even in the filter option one can able to see the product favorite for which it is selected.

Odoo 15 Features

2.     Sales >> Configuration > UoM Categories

From Sales module or Purchase or Inventory module one can now add UoM in particular Units category through Add line in UoM.

Here in this you can define the category for UoM, and then one can define the units.

Further if you want to add more units of measure then also it can be added in the line. The benefits of it is that it has a form view to do the process

Odoo 15 Features

Odoo 15 features


3.     Inventory >> Products >> Gift Card

Website gift card allows one to sell card on Ecommerce.

It creates unique codes that are created on sale of Gift Cards and those unique codes are provided to the customers via email or physically.

Multiple unique codes are created with this Odoo apps/modules for multiple quantity purchase of a gift card. Odoo 15 have more features upgraded

Odoo 15 features

4.     Warehouse >> Configuration >> Operation Type

Here is the reservation method for the Delivery Orders/Manufacturing Order on the basis of reservation that can be calculated as : At confirmation/Manually/Before schedule date.

At the time of Delivery, One can set the desired configuration before doing any Delivery Order.

By setting a before schedule date it can easily reserve days for the Delivery Order before scheduling the order.

Odoo 15 features


5.     Purchase >> Reporting >> Dashboard

Purchase Dashboard provides an authentic and beautiful perspective for the dashboard which comprises all the purchase values and graphs. This dashboard gives enough information about the tax and untaxed based total. You can click on reporting tab on Odoo 15 dashboard.

Odoo 15 features


6.     Website >> Shop >> Customize >> Share Buttons

One can use the share functionality in the Ecommerce website platform.

There are share buttons for the product to share on different social media platforms through website portal.

By these options one can easily share the details on to platform to finalize the product.

Odoo 15 Features


7.     Point of Sale >> Dashboard >> Settings

The new features of the Coupon program and Promotion program will be introduced in the Pricing section of Settings.

Let’s say in the Coupon Program feature, you can create the coupon details and save them for later use. After that, you can easily select the product and apply saved coupons at the Point Of Sale.

It will reflect in the invoice of the product which will be visible to the customer. Here one can apply coupons and promotions programs on the products for POS.

Odoo 15 Features

Odoo 15 features

8.     Point of Sale >> Dashboard >> Settings >> Inventory >> Ship Later

The new feature of Ship Later will be introduced in the Point of sale section of Settings.

Here in POS, you can sell the products at instance and deliver it later with the facility as a ship later.

During the payment of the product one can identify the ship’s later facility is needed to do it or not according to that Order. This is a good feature introduced in the POS for Delivery.

Odoo 15 features


9.     CRM >> Configuration >> Settings

This feature in the CRM will enhance the lead activity for assigning the salespersons to multiple Teams.

Here, by using this feature it is easy to allocate the desired team members to activity or lead or any other opportunities in the Odoo 15 CRM module.

This will boost up the Sales activity and its related team members’ collaboration for the leads.

Odoo 15 Features


10.     Project >> Configuration >>Project BurnDown Chart

The new feature Burndown Chart will be introduced in the Project section of Project.

In this it is easy for the reporting tool to see the actual chart of how the project flow is moving as the phase wise. This burn down chart will identify the current trend and expected delay for the project deliverable.

Odoo 15 features

Additional Features to be Added!

  • New field in Accounting > Configuration > Management > Cash rounding segment which will be applicable on customer invoices.
  • Prediction of Odoo 15 New HTML Editor and new commands
  • New import screen option available in all the required modules and functional tabs of the platform.
  • A new field for managing the invoices of the company operation
  • The E-commerce product page is redesigned
  • Business Intelligence Tools
  • To improve the process manufacturing (formulas of BOM, %of final products)

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