Odoo 16 New Features

Odoo 16 New Features
  • by Richa Joshi
  • Jul 01, 2022
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What’s new in Odoo 16 Version?

Over the years, each Odoo update has brought forth several new and incredibly useful features. This time is no different. Odoo 16 reflects what we have come to love and combines it with a glimpse of the future. With the idea being exceptional functionality, Odoo’s intuitive nature partners up with the latest and greatest of the ERP technological era to present us with Odoo 16.

Speaking of technology, Odoo continuously upgrades its internal functionalities to achieve feasible industrial operations. This gives substantial benefits to the end-user. Each time a new version is released, user experience is a top priority with simplistic functionalities being a close second.

This new version, which is said to be released in October 2022, comes with many advancements such as application performance, operational speed, better user experience, and much more.

Join us as we dissect Odoo 16 and highlight its newest features that the world will shortly experience.

New Features Odoo-Version-16

Knowledge Application

  • Odoo 16 will introduce its users to the new Knowledge Application. This feature is one of the most requested applications from users across the globe. Much like an info-sharing hub, the Knowledge app is highly integrated and allows your organization’s professionals to contribute important data that can benefit all users.
  • Employees can add business processes, versions and their improvements, administrative instructions, informative articles, and much more to the application. Team members can also share important or miscellaneous information as well as with colleagues in other departments.

  • The Chatter functionality will make communication easier, as well as centralize your organization while workflows are created.
  • You can also share articles with individuals who are not Odoo users by simply sharing a link.

Website and Chatbot feature

  • The Odoo 16 Website module allows you to have more control and customization options on the website building elements.
  • Odoo 16 has merged the front-end and back-end of the Website module to create an identical user interface to pave way for more customization options.
  • Website configurations in Odoo 16 can be done without having to reload the page, paving the way to more accessible website configuration options; the goal being easy user management.
  • Improved Chatbot functionality includes questions and a decision tree where users can get solutions to their procedures directly from the chatbot.
  • A chatbot is integrated with Odoo, which allows us to access information from the application server.
  • You can complete configurations without reloading the webpage, which provides additional management control over website settings.

Discounts, Coupons & Promotions

  • In previous versions, promotions and coupons were separated from the main application modules. As such, users would hesitate to use these functionalities for those applications.
  • Now in Odoo 16, these functionalities are designed and implemented in such a way that promotions, coupons, and discounts can be accessed and managed easily on your website from the centralized platform. These can be used for Sales Orders, POS (Point of Sales), and eCommerce.
  • The e-wallet feature has been added to Odoo 16. Gift cards will also be available for Sales Orders.
  • Reporting and Analysis will become easier in Odoo 16.
  • Discounts, promotional offers, and coupons used with all applications are beneficial for company sales and promotions.

Accounting Module

  • The accounting module has been improved with the help of many new tools and functionalities. Operational speed is fastened since invoice management and processes become fully digitalized.
  • Customer credit limits for sales and invoices can be managed instinctively with the help of the ‘Warning/alert’ feature. Also, the OCR-separate setting will be seen for client invoice generation.
  • Journal Audit report generation is improved with effective readability and linked with VAT regulations with improved amendment information.
  • New Widgets are designed for the Reconciliation process to make it more convenient for the user. This reconciliation widget can be accessed straight from the reconciliation section. This widget empowers swift currency exchange management and the additional feature is that the difference between the currencies is fractionated on the invoice itself.
  • COA, Contacts, entries, etc can be imported easily into Odoo’s integrated system. Regular operations such as customer refunding and cancellations can be done in Odoo. This new version comes with better UX and proper calculation methodologies.

Inventory Module

  • The Inventory module has high most improved module among other modules in Odoo 16. A plethora of tools has been added to improve the module’s efficiency.
  • Upgraded Delivery Methods and Force back-order options enable you to use Inventory at the highest usability, making inventory management more effortless.
  • Advancements in the Replenishment management features, alert one on how many days you have left to replenish the inventory. Replenishment visibility days eliminate the issues of getting the replenishment visibility late or not in time.
  • The ‘Automated Batches’ functionality is beneficial for internal inventory transfers. The batch size can be limited as per weight, transfer line, and switch.
  • The Subscription Module has merged with Sale Orders making administration simpler and speeding up operations.
  • You have uncomplicated Shipping Methods having changed prefixes with proper instructions. You can set the required percentage of content as the total content for which you want to get insurance.
  • Barcode Printing and scanning methods have been simplified in Odoo 16.  For each content, the data matrix code can print complete product information like Product Serial number, Lot number, Manufacturing Date, Product Weight, etc.

MRP Module

  • Many new operational features have been added to the Odoo 16 MRP Module.
  • One of those important features in MRP includes users being able to merge and split Manufacturing orders as it enables smooth manufacturing management and well-organized planning.
  • The client can track the status of the manufacturing process of the ordered product by using the link generated with the Sales Order.
  • The Subcontracting Portal was remodeled for registering production to the subcontractor to outsource the order.

CRM & Marketing Module

  • CRM module has improved appointment procedures. The backend is perfected for more visibility and onboarding processes.
  • The sophisticated and embellished front end gives a fantastic work experience.
  • The enhanced Marketing Module enables the user to design distinct email templates as per their business requirements.
  • Global mailing traits can be modified quickly and smoothly. Easier to access your contacts. With the help of a previously saved e-mail, a new email can be created.
  • Improved Email Marketing feature is extensively productive for tweeter marketing and gives a premium marketing module experience.
  • Users will get 24/7 support from the Vimeo platform for e-learning. There are also numerous new features available for video creation, video editing, and many more.

Purchase Module

From latest release notes from Odoo for version 16 have focused on some improved purchase functionalities like:

  • The ‘Call for Tender’ functionality is redesigned for better purchasing. You can regenerate an alternate RFQ for comparison with the original one. So, you will have multiple options for a single purchase, and you will be able to choose the most suitable option for your purchase.
  • Numerous modifications are done to the receipt, delivery status in the POS, and Purchase Orders.
  • You can send commercial invoices digitally to your delivery partners such as FEDEX, DHL, UPS, and EASY POST.
  • You can choose a pick-up location with a new process when you are choosing your shipping/delivery partner among UPS, FedEx, or DGL.

HR & Sign Module

  • The approver sequence can be specified as per the company’s needs. And can be changed according to employee grade change.
  • The ‘Stress Days’ functionality helps you manage resources for following deadlines and priority projects. During this period employees may not be allowed to take holidays.
  • Easy Management and check on ‘Leave Days’, ‘Time OFF’, and Allocations.
  • Employee progress and skill monitoring becomes easy with reports and statistics. In addition, you can also add ‘Signature Request Wizards’ to plans.
  • The approver can refuse to sign the document in the sign module. There is the facility to change the personnel in a system for the role, to whom you have sent a document for the signature event after the request is already sent.


It is worth noting that Odoo ERP 16 is filled with a plethora of features, and we’ve only a broad overview of what’s to come. This, however, is not to say that the new version will be difficult to use. On the contrary, Odoo 16 – much like its previous versions – will continue to be easy to use with its intuitive interface and business management capabilities. The only difference is that Odoo 16’s newly added and enhanced features will allow you to generate maximum efficiency while optimizing your business processes.

Contact the Bista team if you are looking to implement Odoo 16 or would like to migrate over to the new version. With over 3 decades of experience under our belts, Bista Solutions is a fully certified Odoo Gold Partner, and we have won Odoo Best Partner across North America in 2021, 2018, 2016, and 2015.