Odoo Advance Manufacturing

Odoo Advance Manufacturing
  • by Richa Joshi
  • Nov 30, 2022
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Odoo Advance Manufacturing

Odoo Advance Manufacturing is a single integrated solution that can replace many technologies that manufacturers are now using with better outcomes. It is created with all of Odoo’s capabilities in mind, to support businesses of all sizes in cutting costs, increasing sales, and improving overall business and supply chain operations. Additionally, it guarantees that current orders, inventory control, and financial information are all in coordination with manufacturing operations.

Key challenges of Manufacturers that our Odoo Advance Manufacturing solutions solve:

 Scheduling challenges:

  • Visibility on potential work center restrictions.
  • Unrealistic production schedule that does not optimize production capacity

 Quality Issue:

  • Lots of rework process
  • Increased job costs
  • Untimely delivery
  • Unsatisfied customers

 Inventory challenges:

  • Always Over or Under stock.
  • Unmanaged inventory on the factory floor impacts production timing.
  • No visibility of the Material movement
  • Lack of inventory to fulfill special orders

 Job costing challenges

  • Lack of real-time data
  • Job costing based on historical data
  • Errors due to Manual sheet
  • Underutilized Resources


  • Lack of understanding of business KPIs related to resource efficiency or production throughput.

Work order management

  • Shop reporting is done after the fact or ad hoc.
  • Shop floor Mistakes
  • Increased lead time due to Non-Sequential Planning

Why choose Odoo Advance Manufacturing solution?

Odoo Advance Manufacturing is designed for manufacturing enterprises of all sizes, with enhanced features for capacity planning and scheduling, supply chain management, shipping logistics, and other advanced manufacturing capabilities. It gives you the precise, actual data you need to manage your production and profitability.

Key features –

Finite scheduling- With finite scheduling in Odoo, you can determine how much work can be completed in a given period and allocate resources accordingly. It assists you in ensuring that work moves at a consistent and efficient pace throughout the facility.

Capacity Planning- Get a thorough image of your entire planning process and quickly reschedule manufacturing. Odoo assists you in ensuring that there is enough resource capacity to meet scheduling requirements.

Shop Floor Execution- It allows for the collection of downtime production loss and production results.

Quality Control- You can plan and carry out quality testing throughout the material flow, beginning with the original procurement and continuing through the manufacturing process in Odoo.

Material Requirement Planning – Odoo offers proper material requirement planning It will assist us in determining the number of raw materials and managing a material supply system. It can also help us plan products, schedule operations, and keep track of inventory in a business.

Multiple Warehouse Management- Odoo allows you to effortlessly set up several warehouses and create smooth and transparent movements between them. It makes it cheaper and wider to deliver to wider space.

Maintenance- Allow maintenance orders for repairs and other fixes to be placed. It also provides automotive preventive maintenance.

Dashboard- Kanban view dashboards in Odoo’s advanced manufacturing provide a 360-degree view of your business and improve operational reporting through flexible ad-hoc queries and analyses.

Reporting – With Odoo reporting you will get shop floor information that allows you to make better decisions.

Multi-level BOM – Odoo provides a multi-level BOM that allows you to specify how to create and plan your product, including each sub-assembly, component, and material used.

Work Center Management – In Odoo, you can easily set up tablets at each work center, record production, display operator instructions, and use alerts for better work center management.

Benefits of Odoo Advance Manufacturing-

Scheduled processes – By lowering lead times and streamlining processes with Odoo’s advanced manufacturing, you can provide aggressive delivery schedules that you can stick to.

Reduce pre-production time –  You will improve your planning, communications, and reactivity to continuously changing requirements with Odoo Advance Manufacturing, allowing you to launch operations more swiftly.

Execute accurate quoting – It helps you offer thorough quotes so that you can manage your personnel, assets, and supplies with ease.

Drive higher direct utilization rates – Improve machine and labor utilization rates by increasing efficiency and reducing indirect labor hours.

Adapt faster – With clear data sharing with Odoo, you can quickly adjust to changing orders and keep your manufacturing projects on track.

Achieve higher customer satisfaction – Ensure your clients are receiving top-quality products from your manufacturing business using Odoo’s advanced quality controls.

Why choose Bista as your partner for deploying Odoo Advance Manufacturing?

  • Among the Top Odoo Gold partners globally with strong Implementation, Integration, and support capabilities.
  • Expert Consultant Team
  • 3+ decades of ERP Expertise.
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  • 24/7 Support service

Odoo Advance Manufacturing ERP simplifies manufacturing by providing real-time data visibility at every step of the production process. Bista Solutions works as a problem solver, focusing on your company’s problems, methods, and people to design specialized solutions. In our development processes, we strive to build long-term partnerships with our clients with our cost-effective, high-quality resources.

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