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Odoo CRM

Odoo CRM is more than a tool that helps with customer relationship management. Beyond organizing your sales activities, Odoo CRM can help organize your sales activities. This includes tracking leads, closing opportunities, and gaining accurate forecasts. You can also keep opportunities organized with the pipeline, and manage your day-to-day activities with meetings and next activities.

Organize The Pipeline

→ Get Organized by Planning Activities

When you plan activities you minimize the risk of uncertainties, as you provide clear directions for the course of your next action. In addition to that, you do not leave space for wasteful activities and reduce the chance of overlapping actions between team members.

Scheduled Activities

Access and manage your activities wherever you are in Odoo by the Activities menu.

Odoo CRM pipeline

Plan Activities

Activities can be planned and managed from the chatter by clicking on Schedule activity, or through Kanban views.

Odoo CRM

Set Your Activity Types 

A number of activity types are available by default in Odoo (call, email, meeting, etc.). However, you can set new ones by going to Settings ‣ Activity types.

Odoo CRM activities

Recommend Next Activities

Odoo helps you to plan a flow of activities by allowing you to set Recommended Next Activities.

Odoo CRM

Odoo CRM

→ Manage Lost Opportunities

While working with your opportunities, you might lose some of them. You will want to keep track of the reasons you lost them and also which ways Odoo can help you recover them in the future.

Mark A Lead As Lost

When in your pipeline, select any opportunity you want and you will see a Mark Lost button.

You can then select an existing Lost Reason or create a new one right there.

Odoo CRM

Manage & Create Lost Reasons

You will find your Lost Reasons under Configuration ‣ Lost Reasons.

You can select & rename any of them as well as create a new one from there.

Retrieve Lost Opportunities

To retrieve lost opportunities and do actions on them (send an email, make a feedback call, etc.), select the Lost filter in the search bar.

Odoo CRM Retrievel ProcessYou will then see all your lost opportunities.

If you want to refine them further, you can add a filter on the Lost Reason.

For Example, Too Expensive.

Odoo CRM

Restore Lost Opportunities

From the Kanban view with the filter(s) in place, you can select any opportunity you wish and work on it as usual. You can also restore it by clicking on Archived.

Odoo CRM

You can also restore items in batch from the Kanban view when they belong to the same stage. Select Restore Records in the column options. You can also archive the same way.

Odoo CRM

To select specific opportunities, you should switch to the list view.

Odoo CRM

Then you can select as many or all opportunities and select the actions you want to take.

Odoo CRM

→ Multiple Sales Teams

Odoo lets you manage several sales teams, departments, or channels, each with its own unique sales processes, using Sales Teams.

Create a New Sales Team

To create a new Sales Team, go to CRM ‣ Sales ‣ Teams then click Create.

On the creation page, set an Email Alias to automatically generate a lead/opportunity for this Sales Team every time a message is sent to that unique email address. You can also choose whether to accept emails from Everyone, Authenticated Partners, or Followers Only.

Set a Domain to assign leads/opportunities to this Sales Team based on specific filters, such as country, language, or campaign. Set an Invoicing Target if this team has specific monthly revenue goals.

Odoo crm

Add Members to a Sales Team

To add team members, click Add under the Assignment tab when editing the Sales Team’s configuration page. Select a salesperson from the dropdown menu or create a new salesperson. Set a maximum number of leads that can be assigned to this salesperson in a 30-day period to ensure that they do not overwork.

odoo crm

One person can be added as a team member or Team Leader to multiple Sales Teams, allowing them to access all of the pipelines that they need.

Sales Team Dashboard

To view the Sales Team dashboard, go to CRM ‣ Sales ‣ Teams. Any teams you are a part of will appear as dashboard tiles.

Each tile gives an overview of the Sales Team’s open opportunities, quotations, sales orders, and expected revenue, as well as a bar graph of new opportunities per week and an invoicing progress bar.

Odoo crm i

Click on the three dots in the corner of a tile to open a navigational menu that lets you quickly view documents or reports, create new quotations or opportunities, pick a color for this team, or access its configuration page.

Odoo crm

Click on the Pipeline button to go directly to that team’s CRM pipeline.

Acquire Leads

→ Convert Leads into Opportunities

The system can generate leads instead of opportunities, in order to add a qualification step before converting a Lead into an Opportunity and assigning it to the right salespeople.

You can activate this mode from the CRM Settings. It applies to all your sales channels by default. But you can make it specific for specific channels from their configuration form.


For this feature to work, go to CRM ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings and activate the Leads feature.

Odoo crm

You will now have a new submenu Leads under Leads where they will aggregate.

Odoo CRM

Convert A Lead Into An Opportunity

When you click on a Lead you will have the option to convert it to an opportunity and decide if it should still be assigned to the same channel/person and if you need to create a new customer.

Odoo CRM

If you already have an opportunity with that customer Odoo will automatically offer you to merge with that opportunity. In the same manner, Odoo will automatically offer you to link to an existing customer if that customer already exists.

Merge Opportunities

Odoo will also automatically propose to merge opportunities if they have the same email address. When merging opportunities, Odoo merges the information into the opportunity which was created first, giving priority to the information present on the first opportunity.

No information is lost: data from the other opportunity is logged in the chatter and the information fields for easy access.

Odoo CRM

Would you find a duplicate yourself, …you can also merge opportunities or leads even if the system doesn’t propose it.

Here’s how from the list view. Select the opportunities or leads, you want to merge and the action button will appear. Then, you can select merge.

Odoo CRM

→ Generate Leads / Opportunities

Two key ways to generate new leads or opportunities for your business are through email aliases and website contact forms. Odoo automatically creates leads in your CRM whenever someone sends a message to a Sales Team email alias or fills out a contact form on your website.

Configure Email Aliases

Each Sales Team can use its own unique email alias to generate leads/opportunities. Any email sent to a Sales Team’s email alias will automatically create a lead (if leads are activated in your CRM settings) or an opportunity in the pipeline for that particular team. Configure custom email aliases on the configuration page for each Sales Team by navigating to CRM Configuration Sales Teams.

Odoo crm

Use Contact Forms on Your Website

By default, your website’s Contact Us page displays Odoo’s ready-to-use Contact Form. Whenever someone submits this form, a lead or an opportunity is generated in your database.

Odoo crm

The Contact Form can be activated or deactivated at any time by going to Website Go to WebsiteCustomize Contact Form.

Odoo crm

When the Form is deactivated, the Contact Us page simply displays a button to email your company directly. Any email sent this way will generate a lead/opportunity.

Odoo crm

Choose which Sales Team or salesperson is automatically assigned to the leads/opportunities created from the Contact Form by going to Website Configuration Settings Communication.

Odoo crm

Customize Contact Forms

Contact Forms can be customized for the specific information your team needs, using the free Form Builder module. The Form Builder module is installed automatically when a Form element is added to a web page via the Website Builder. It can also be installed manually from the Apps page.

Odoo crm

Edit Contact Form Fields

In Edit mode on your website, click on any field to start editing it. The following information can be edited for each field on the Contact Form:

  • Type: Choose a custom field option or an existing field. Examples include phone, file upload, language, etc.
  • Input Type: Determine the type of entry customers should input. Available options are text, email, telephone, and URL.
  • Input Placeholder: Type in an example to guide users on how to input information where formatting is important, such as a phone number or email address.
  • Label Name: Type in the display name to show users what information is needed from them.
  • Label Position: Choose the way the label is aligned with the rest of the form. The label can be hidden, above the field, to the far left of the field, or right adjusted and closer to the field.
  • Required: Toggle this option for information that you absolutely need to be entered.
  • Hidden: Toggle this option to hide the field without deleting it.
  • Shown on Mobile: Toggle this option to show the field to users on mobile devices.

Odoo crm

By default, when a Form is submitted, it sends you an email with the customer’s inputted information. To have it automatically generate a lead/opportunity instead, edit the Form and select Create an Opportunity as the Action.

→ Send Quotations

When you qualify a lead into an opportunity you will most likely need to send them a quotation. You can directly do this in the CRM App with Odoo.

Odoo crm

Create A New Quotation

By clicking on any opportunity or lead, you will see a New Quotation button, it will bring you to a new menu where you can manage your quote.

Odoo crm

You will find all your quotes for that specific opportunity under the Quotations menu on that page.

Odoo crm

Mark Them Won/Lost

Now you will need to mark your opportunity as won or lost to move the process along.

If you mark them as won, they will move to your Won column in your Kanban view. If you however mark them as Lost they will be archived.

→ Lead Mining

In any business, getting quality leads is essential to keep the business growing. Lead mining allows you to generate leads from scratch directly from your database. Target your leads based on a set of criteria such as the country, the size of the company, the industry your leads are coming from to make them relevant to your business.


For this feature to work, go to CRM Configuration Settings and activate the Lead Mining feature.

Odoo CRM

Start Generating Leads

You will now have a new button Generate Leads available in your pipeline. You are also able to create lead mining requests from the Configuration Lead Mining Requests and through Leads Leads where you have the Generate Leads button.

From there, click on the Generate Leads button, a window where you will be able to pick your criteria will pop up.

When choosing to target Companies and their contacts you can choose the contacts you are getting based on Role or Seniority. When getting contact information make sure to be aware of the latest EU regulation, get more information about General Data Protection Regulation on Odoo GDPR.

You can decide to filter the leads you are getting depending on the size (number of employees) of the companies. You can pick the countries your leads are coming from. It is possible to pick multiple countries. You can pick the industries your leads are coming from. It is possible to pick multiple industries.

You can choose the salesperson and the Salesteam the lead will be assigned to. You can also add tags to track your generated leads.


This is an In-App Purchase feature, each generated lead will cost you one credit. If you choose to get contact information each contact will also cost you one additional credit. Here is the pricing for this feature, To buy credits you can either go to CRM Configuration Settings Buy Credits; or go to Settings Contacts Odoo IAPView my Services.

Odoo CRM


Odoo CRM

Assign and Track Leads

→ Track Your Prospects Visit

Tracking your website pages will give you much more information about the interests of your website visitors.

Every tracked page they visit will be recorded on your lead/opportunity if they use the contact form on your website.


To use this feature, install the free module Lead Scoring under your Apps page (only available in Odoo Enterprise).

Odoo CRM SEO Optimization

There you will see a Track Page checkbox to track this page.

Odoo CRM SEO Better Score

See Visited Pages in Your Leads/Opportunities

Now each time a lead is created from the contact form it will keep track of the pages visited by that visitor. You have two ways to see those pages, on the top right corner of your lead/opportunity you can see a Page Views button but also further down you will see them in the chatter.

Both will update if the viewer(s) comes back to your website and visits more pages.

Odoo crm

Odoo CRM

The feature will not repeat multiple viewings of the same pages in the chatter.

Your customers will no longer be able to keep any secrets from you!

→ Assign Leads Based on Scoring

Lead Scoring lets you rank and prioritize leads based on selected criteria. A higher score indicates that a lead is more likely to bring value to your company.

For example, if customers from Canada tend to be more likely to purchase your products, you can assign them a higher score than customers from other countries.


To use scoring, go to Apps, remove the Apps filter, search for Lead Scoring and then install the module.

Odoo CRM Lead scoring

Create Scoring Rules

To manage scoring rules, go to CRM Leads Scoring Rules.

Customize your rules to fit the needs of your business, and add as many criteria as you want.

Every hour, Odoo automatically assigns scores to new leads according to your configured rules.

Odoo CRM

Assign Leads

Odoo can also assign leads to specific teams based on configured rules. To configure assignment rules, go to the individual Sales Team’s configuration page via CRM ‣ Leads Team Assignment or CRMConfiguration Sales Teams, and apply a specific Domain to each team. The Domain can include lead scores.

Odoo CRM

Assign leads to specific salespeople using further refined Domains at CRM Leads Leads Assignment.

Odoo CRM

Odoo automatically assigns new leads to teams/salespeople once per day.

Evaluate and Use the Unassigned Leads

Not all leads will fall into your set Domains and get assigned automatically by Odoo.

To view your unassigned leads, go to CRM Leads ‣ Leads and select the Unassigned filter.

Odoo CRM

Analyze Performance

→ Check Your Win/Loss Ratio

To see how well you are doing with your pipeline, take a look at the Win/Loss ratio.

To access this report, go to your Pipeline view under the Reporting tab.

From there you can filter which opportunities you wish to see, yours, the ones from your sales channel, your whole company, etc. You can then click on the filter and check Won/Lost.

Odoo CRM

You can also change the Measures to Total Revenue.

Odoo CRM

You also have the ability to switch to a pie chart view.

Odoo CRM

→ How to Use Google Spreadsheet in Addition to My Data?

Create custom dashboards in Google Spreadsheet that retrieves data directly from Odoo using spreadsheet formula. You can use it to create sales commission plans, budgets, project forecasts, etc. Formulas are written in Python but programming skills are not required.


From the General Settings, activate Google Drive and Google Spreadsheet. The options Authorization Code and Get Authorization Code are now available.

Odoo CRM Google Maps

Now, link your Google account with Odoo by following these steps:

  • Get Authorization Code
  • Select your Google account
  • Enter your password
  • Copy the code
  • Paste it into the Authorization Code field

Create a New Spreadsheet

From the CRM app, for example, go to Favorites and click on Add to Google Spreadsheet.

Odoo CRM

A new spreadsheet will be automatically created in your Google Drive.

Link a Spreadsheet with Odoo

From this new file, configure your database.

Go to Odoo Server Settings Database NameUsername Password.

Odoo CRM


You have two different formulas available when using Google Spreadsheet in Odoo: retrieve data and retrieve grouped sums.

Retrieve Data

The theoretical formula is = oe_browse (table; columns; filters; order: limit). Used it if you want to display the information without grouping it (e.g.: each sales order in the database).

Find some of the arguments in the table below.

Odoo CRM

Retrieve Grouped Data

The theoretical formula is = oe_read_group (table; columns;group_by; filters; order by: limit). Use it when you want to display a sum of data (e.g.: total invoiced).

Find some arguments in the table below.

Odoo CRM

Other Uses

Mix Odoo data with spreadsheet data, add traditional formulas and create Dynamic Tabled and Graphs.

Optimize Your Day-to-Day Work

→ Enrich Your Contract Base with Partner Auto-Complete

Partner Autocomplete helps you to enrich your contacts database with corporate data. Select one of the companies suggested in the dropdown, and quickly get all the information you need.


Go to Settings Contacts and activate the Partner Autocomplete feature.

Odoo CRM

Enrich Your Contacts with Corporate Data

From any module, once you start to create a new contact by typing its name of it, the system will suggest a potential match. If you select it, the contact will be populated with corporate data.

For example, after typing Odoo, you will get the following information:

Enrich Your Contacts with Corporate Data

From any module, once you start to create a new contact by typing its name of it, the system will suggest a potential match. If you select it, the contact will be populated with corporate data.

For example, after typing Odoo, you will get the following information:

Odoo CRM

Odoo CRM


Partner Autocomplete is an In-App Purchase (IAP) service, which requires prepaid credits to be used. Each request will consume one credit.

To buy credits, go to Settings Contacts Partner Autocomplete or Odoo IAPView My Services and select a package.

→ How to Motivate and Reward My SalesPeople?

Challenging your employees to reach specific targets with goals and rewards is an excellent way to reinforce good habits and improve your salespeople’s productivity. The Gamification module gives you simple and creative ways to motivate and evaluate your employees with real-time recognition and badges inspired by game mechanics.


Install the Gamification module, or the CRM gamification one, which adds some useful data (goals and challenges) that can be used on CRM/Sale.

Odoo CRM

Create a Challenge

Now, create your first challenge by going to Settings Gamification ToolsChallenges.

Odoo CRM

A challenge is a mission that you send to your sales team. It can include one or several goals, set for a specific period of time. Configure your challenge as follows:

  1. Assign the salespeople to be challenged;
  2. Assign a responsible;
  3. Set up the periodicity along with the start and the end date;
  4. Select your goals;
  5. Set up your rewards (badges).

In the example below, 2 employees are being challenged with a Monthly Sales Target. The challenge is based on 2 goals: the total amount invoiced and the number of new leads generated. At the end of the month, the winner will be granted a badge.

Odoo CRM

Set Up Goals

The users can be evaluated using goals and numerical objectives to reach.

Goals are assigned through challenges that evaluate (see image above) and compare members of a team throughout time.

You can create a new goal on the fly from a Challenge by clicking on Add new item, under Goals. Select the business object according to your company’s needs. Examples: number of new leads, time to qualify a lead, the total amount invoiced in a specific week, month, or any other time frame based on your management preferences, etc.

Odoo CRM

Set Up Rewards

For non-numerical achievements, Badges can be granted to users. From a simple thank you to exceptional achievement, a badge is an easy way to express gratitude to a user for their good work. To create and grant badges to your employees based on their performance, go to Settings Gamification Tools Badges.

Odoo CRM


The Odoo CRM module is fully integrated with other Odoo Apps like Sales, Mass Mailing, and much more. The features of the Odoo CRM APP are very vast.

There are several instances when the default Odoo CRM app or module does not fulfill the requirements of a company. In such situations, an experienced Odoo implementation partner like Bista Solutions can customize the modules as per your business requirement.

If you are looking for Odoo implementation or customization contact us or email us at