Odoo Food Manufacturing ERP

Odoo Food Manufacturing ERP

Odoo Food Manufacturing ERP is the only solution that offers Hyper-Tight Process Control for your food manufacturing business. All processes can be shortened and simplified with real-time information. Odoo’s Food manufacturing ERP adds value at every level, from working with food distributors to cutting inventory costs.

Why is Odoo an Ideal ERP for Food Manufacturers?

Many off-the-shelf ERP options on the market offer a range of features to handle the basic functionalities of any business. This one-size-fits-all approach is not practical for the food manufacturing sector. When we say Odoo is an ideal food manufacturing ERP solution for your food business, we mean it is a suite that’s been created exclusively for food manufacturers and doesn’t require any additional bolt-on or separate 3rd party software products.

Production Management- Odoo Food Manufacturing ERP implementation allows manufacturers to get vital insights with a few clicks and monitor production operations in real-time.

  1.  Manufacture Order – Manufacturers can easily route raw materials to manual assembly or automatic assembly lines.
  2. Repair Orders: Manufacturers can manage the repair of items under warranty. 

Quality Control – Odoo Food Manufacturing ERP provides quality checks on purchased goods before manufacturing. It backs manufacturers’ efforts to reduce quality concerns.

  1. Alerts: Manufacturers can set up workflows utilizing the Kanban view of quality alerts to prevent the shipment of untested goods.
  2. Control Points: Quality checks are triggered automatically based on the settings.
  3. Quality Checks: Food manufacturers can monitor and track submissions for the production part approval procedure (PPAP). It is capable of configuring statistical process control (SPC) for businesses.

Traceability- Odoo Food Manufacturing ERP can conduct backward and forward traceability through a supply chain at every stage of the product lifecycle to support and validate the FDA’s identification and traceability regulations for food manufacturers.

  1.         Lot Tracking
  2.         Asset Tracking
  3.        Serialization

Warehouse Management- With a specialized warehouse management tool, Food manufacturers can ensure that ingredients are used at the best possible time, reducing spoilage and waste.

  1.         Shelf-Life Determination
  2.         Product movement tracking
  3.        Just In Time Inventory

Document Generation- As a food manufacturer, developing and handling the necessary documents is an essential element of conducting business. Odoo Food manufacturing ERP solutions help in the creation of all of these papers from within the core system.

  1.         Barcode Labels
  2.         Nutrition Facts labels
  3.        Packing Slips
  4.        Bills of lading shipment

MRP (Material Requirement Planning- As a food manufacturer you need greater insight to trace all your raw materials. MRP module in Odoo provides the ability to assess current inventory and the availability of required components. It also determines what supplies are needed and when they are needed.

  1. Manage Bill of Materials: Food Manufacturers can control both inventory and manufacturing time.
  2. Organize Work Orders: Food Manufacturers have access to all resources allowing them to plan their manufacturing operations.
  3. Plan Manufacturing: Food producers can reschedule production and get a clear perspective of planning procedures.

MPS (Master Production Schedule) – The Master Production Schedule in Odoo Food Manufacturing ERP can assist you in establishing resource, machine, and equipment capacity utilization across all departments in your food manufacturing business.

  1.          Supply chain Load balancing
  2.          Production & Maintenance cost estimation
  3.          Prevent Stockouts

Dedicated Maintenance – Odoo food manufacturing offers a specialized maintenance module for both your production equipment and the company’s equipment.

  1.         Automate preventive Maintenance
  2.         Generate Maintenance Request
  3.         Schedule Maintenance Operation

Forecasting and Reporting – Many food manufacturers face seasonal changes in demand. Odoo’s specialized reporting tool and real-time analytics assist in more properly targeting demand.

  1.         Manufacturing order reports
  2.         Work order report
  3.         Overall equipment effectiveness report
  4.         Real-Time Sales Insights

Digitize your food Manufacturing Business with Odoo Food Manufacturing ERP

Odoo Food Manufacturing ERP helps food manufacturers address challenges that legacy software cannot even scratch the surface of. Some of the key challenges are-

  •   Short shelf life, Production order data, and Lot tracking
  •   Sustained consumer faith
  •   Quicker response time
  •   Cost Overrun
  •   Resource Wastage
  •   Complex Labeling Process

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