Transforming you manufacturing business with Odoo MRP

odoo mrp

Transforming you manufacturing business with Odoo MRP

Leading a manufacturing company involves many critical decisions. Unlike other industries, manufacturing businesses can be extremely expansive and diverse. Which makes it imperative for business leaders to have technologies that enable you to plan, record, track and control every aspect of your business. With Odoo manufacturing or MRP you can you have quality assurance, maintenance and product lifecycle fully integrated into one system. It allows you to accurately capture data in real-time from your workforce and equipment using the API. Odoo MRP can also customize your manufacturing processes in alignment with your company-specific business processes using work centre and other routing concepts.

So, let’s have a look at some ways in which Odoo MRP can help you stay ahead of the curve.

Product manufacturing order

Here’s how you can create a product by manufacturing order in Odoo MRP. There are usually two ways to do this. The first is simply without routing & work centre and the other is by customizing the work order, setting up a work centre & routing. Here’s the first one:

Go to manufacturing → Operations → Manufacturing orders

odoo mrp
After this, click on the ‘create’ button and fill-in the below categories:

Product: Select product to manufacture.

Quantity to Produce: Add the total quantity to produce.

Bill of Material: Add bill of material.

Deadline: Add deadline for production of the order.

Plan From: Add Planned date for production of the order.

Components: Raw Material for production of the product. This Comes from the Bill of Material.

After adding all the details click on ‘mark as to-do’ button for processing the order.

Click on the “Check Availability” button and you will be able to see the quantity available in reserve.

Once all quantities are available click on the ‘Produce’ button.

Odoo MRP
Once done, click on ‘mark as done’.

odoo mrp

Once this done, your production process is completed.

Now let’s have a look at another way of creating manufacturing orders in Odoo MRP. This time, we do it by customizing the work order, setting up work centre & routing. This is the advanced method for complex production where work center, routing, bill of materials is used.

First, go to Manufacturing → Configuration → Settings.

odoo mrp

odoo mrp
After this, we need to enable the work order in the manufacturing settings.

After enabling work orders, we move to setting up the work centers and routings.

1. Work Center.

To create a work centre, click on work centres in the settings or go to manufacturing → master data → work centre → create.

odoo mrp

Create work centres and click on “Save” button.
odoo mrp

2. Routings.

Routes are the paths through which the production of each product passes. Production is not a simple process, it contains a lot of work centres, routes and so on. In this step, we set the routes for manufacturing.

For creating routings we can click on routings in the settings or Manufacturing → Master data → Routings → Create.

odoo mrp

Fill all the details, add the work centres for this route and click on “Save” button.  

Manage production

We can start processing work orders in 3 ways.

1) By clicking on the work order from the manufacturing order.

2) Clicking on any of the work orders by following this Manufacturing → Operation → Work Orders.

odoo mrp
3) You can open any of the ongoing work orders from the work centre overview.

Path: Manufacturing → Overview → Click on the Work Orders button.

Odoo MRP

You can see all the work orders.
One can get hold of each work order and complete the production. The production of the product will go through the route that we set for its production.
odoo mrp

Click on ‘process’ to start production. You will then enter the production interface.
Odoo MRP
Click on ‘validate’ after completing each stage.

odoo mrp

When the entire production is finished click on ‘mark as done’ or ‘mark as done and close MO’. After this, the production is completed.

When we complete each production, the product will be added to the inventory. The inventory will be updated automatically.

Bill of Material

Bill of materials, BOM are the components we add for the production of a particular product. Every product is manufactured with unique raw material.
Therefore, for the manufacturing of a product, we need to take the corresponding bill of materials. Let’s see how this is done.

Go to Manufacturing → Master Data → Bill Of Material → Create.

odoo mrp
Here we shall see how to create a BOM and how to add the components.Product: Add product for which you need to create a Bill Of Materials.

Product Variants:  Add variants if needed.

Quantity: Add quantity.

Routing: Select Route of production for the product.

Reference: Add Reference.

BOM TYPE: Select the type of the BOM as per required for production of the product either ‘Manufacture this product’ or ‘Kit’.

You can add the raw materials required for the product in Component under Components tab.Select the work center operations for the raw material in Consumed in Operations.

odoo mrp

If there are by-products in your manufacturing order, you will need to enable it in manufacturing settings.

Odoo mrp
Once the by-products are enabled you can see a by-products tab next to component.

Add the products, quantity & select the operations. Under by-product enter the details (if there were any to produce the product).

After adding all the details click on the ‘save’ button.

Unbuild Orders
Unbuilding is yet another innovative feature in Odoo 13 manufacturing app. Here we can unbuild a manufactured product in case of damage caused to any of its parts. This way we won’t be scrapping the entire product and we can unbuild the product to utilize all the good components of it.

 To do this, go to manufacturing → operation → unbuild orders → create.

odoo mrp


Fill the necessary fields and click the ‘unbuild’ button.

Scrap Orders

Odoo MRP app allows you to scrap the product at any stage of the production line. When you click on scrap you can immediately transfer the product to scrap and see it in the scrap order tab.

We can also create scrap manually by going to manufacturing → operations → scrap orders → create

Here fill up the below details

Product: Select product which is scrapped.

Quantity: Add quantity.

Source Location:  Add location from where the product was scrapped.

Scrap Location: Select the scrapped location.

Once all the fields have been filled you can click on the ‘validate’ button.

odoo mrp
Planning, processing and costing are the foundation stones of a robust manufacturing business. And Odoo MRP can make this process simpler for manufacturers across. With more than 200 developers across the globe with vast experience in odoo apps, we at Bista Solutions understand your unique manufacturing needs. Reach out to us and schedule your free consultation now!