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Odoo is an application whose benefits are acknowledged by more than 4 million users and 267,626 customers. One of the characteristics that differentiate Odoo from many other ERP software is its modular architecture. There are over 35 base Odoo Apps, covering a vast array of business functions, from Manufacturing, Inventory, and Accounting, to Sales, eCommerce, HR, and more.

You can select the applications most relevant to your business and purchase and implement those. Odoo Apps work functionally together, giving you access to one cohesive ERP system.  This gives a lot of power to the customers in terms of implementation.

Take a look below where we decipher the Odoo Apps and their functionality in detail and select the one that best fits your requirement. If you don’t find any app that solves your problem or you need additional functionality, we can develop a custom Odoo app for your unique requirements.

Odoo Apps

Category: Sales

odoo crm

Customer Relationship Management(CRM) is all about gathering leads. And it goes without saying that CRM is a significant process for any custom setups. Read More . . .

odoo sales management

The Odoo Sales Management module is one of the star applications that Odoo provides. With Sales Management in Odoo, you can control your entire Sales department in a single screen.Read More . . .

Odoo Point of Sale

Odoo Point Of Sale(POS ) is an all in one perfect solution when it comes to handling your Shops, Restaurant, Accounting and Sales. It has a comprehensible, user-friendly interface which can be used on iPads, tablets or laptop.Read More . . .

Odoo Subscription

With Odoo Subscription managing subscriptions based services or products is much easier and you can also analyze the future demand for your product, making it a huge source of revenue for your business. Read More . . .

odoo invoice

When it comes to simplifying your invoices processes, Odoo ERP is the answer to all your questions. With its user-friendly invoicing application, you can create invoices from sales orders, delivery orders or base them on time and material. Read More . . .

odoo sign

With Odoo Sign embrace speedy way to Sign, Send and Approve Documents. It’s great addons to the other Odoo Apps which assist you to modernize your business, Save time and Money. With Odoo Sign go paperless and be eco-friendly. With Odoo Sign App you can assign roles for every document and track the document signature process. Read More . . .

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Odoo Apps

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