Odoo Partner In New York

Odoo partner in New York USA

Odoo Partner in New York

Odoo is an enterprise resource planning software that combines a suite of business management software tools that can be used company-wide. No matter the size of your business, or the vertical in which it falls – Odoo caters to all business types and has the all necessary apps one would need to optimize their business processes. However, with thousands of Odoo apps available on the market, implementing the right ones isn’t a simple task. As such, in order to yield the best results, it may be worth getting some help from a Odoo Partner in New York. 

An App For Every Need

As mentioned above, there are thousands of Odoo apps to choose from. Whether you are looking to boost your sales, integrate your services, streamline your operations, manage your finances, amplify your marketing, build a website, and more – Odoo has you covered on that front. You can even find apps based on the department of your business as well. For example, the Human Resources apps include apps created to facilitate recruitment, to manage employees work hours, and more. 

Additionally, Odoo’s flexibility with its Community platform (which offers free and open-sourced apps) and Enterprise platform (which offers licensed and shared sources) – you can tailor the business app(s) of your choice around your company’s needs and requirements. 

However, the best people to assess your company’s pain-point as subject matter experts within your industry. Just because there are countless apps available, it doesn’t mean all of the apps will be useful or fruitful for your business. Odoo partners in New York or elsewhere will have the knowledge and experience to recommend optimal implementations for your company. Not only will the team assess your business’ gaps, they will offer cost-effective and modular solutions to optimize operations. 

Traits of a Good Odoo Partner in New York

Now that you know what Odoo is and how it can help your business, how do you go about picking the right Odoo Partner in New York, or elsewhere within the USA? The first step would be to head on over to Odoo’s partner page and go down their list of certified partners. Those in the gold-tier have proven themselves to know the ERP system inside and out, as well as have enough experience implementing it across various industries. 

Additional traits to look out for include:

Experienced Consulting

  • How long has the partner been in the industry, how many successful implementations have they had, what are their accomplishments, and so forth.

Subject Matter Expertise

  • Does the partner have experience on the issue at hand? Whether you need to update the accounting system, or include a manufacturing module, or anything related to that – does the partner have the knowledge and resources to make it happen?

Technical Expertise

  • Check to see whether the partner has developers on-hand who can implement the ERP with ease. This includes knowing how to configure apps, customize apps, develop apps and of course – support you after the implementation.

Industry Expertise

  • The best way to see if a partner is the right fit is by looking at their client testimonials and case studies within your industry. If they have the resources to back-up their claims, then chances are that they will be able to meet your requirements.


  • This one is a no-brainer. Implementations are not a small job, nor do they begin and end swiftly. Ensuring your Odoo partner in New York or elsewhere is capable of meeting you on-site during the process, as well as being able to provide you with support and aid off-shore is crucial to a successful implementation.

Why is Bista the Right Odoo Partner in New York

  • Creditability– The position of “Odoo gold partner” indicates that you are working with the right individuals to ensure the success of your Odoo implementation. Gold partners have the essential experience in collecting information, gap analysis, customization, implementation, training, and continuing project and maintenance, irrespective of the size of the project.
  • Years of experience as Odoo Partners– As a Certified Odoo Gold Partner, We are here to provide the correct solutions that can help you expand your business exponentially. We provide full-scale Enterprise Odoo development, including customization, installation, and integration. Now you can simplify all of your business processes with our cost-effective solutions from a workforce that is goal-oriented, knowledgeable, trained, and have experience in every industry domain.
  • Expert developer team– Our development team has decades of expertise creating feature-rich websites and applications for both small and large enterprises. As a result, we’ve had to become more adaptable in order to meet the demands of each individual. Our professionals can provide Odoo customization and support to help you simplify your business, no matter what your needs are.
  • Planning and Project handling skills– If you have chosen Odoo ERP software for your business, one of the most crucial things to watch out for is the Odoo Implementation checklist process and procedures. Every phase is vital and must be kept on track in order to ensure a successful deployment of Odoo ERP, with robust project management being the most important aspect. We never miss out on the checklist of project handling and successfully deploy your project starting from planning, implementation, training, and support.

There are many reasons why Bista Solutions is the ideal partner for your Odoo needs in New York and across the United States. In addition to having been around for nearly two decades, the Bista team is a certified Odoo Gold Partner and a three-time winner of the Odoo Best Partner award. Furthermore, we have over 200 developers on and off-shore, and have the ability to provide support 24/7 during and after the implementation. With over 250 successful implementations across various industries and testimonials / case studies to back it up – you can rest assured that we have you covered.

Whether you want to learn more about Odoo, or you wish to implement it, reach out to our team of Odoo experts via our contact us form