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Outsourcing your technical requirements is one of the most crucial steps for an organization. It’s the synergies of the two companies that will ultimately come together and shape your business processes. However, picking the right partner for your business has many aspects to it. When it comes to Odoo, an overwhelming number of partners may pop up aftoer your Google search. In such cases, choosing the right Odoo partner becomes even more complicated.

The most potent foundation stone of a successful software implementation is evaluating various partners and picking one that aligns best with your business.  Here are some key points that will help differentiate one partner from the other.

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  1. Understanding your business: The first step to a robust software implementation is conducting an in-depth business analysis. This evaluation of business processes and requirements can only be accurate if your Odoo partner understands your industry. Hence, the first step is to check if the partner in consideration has prior experience in your business vertical.
  1. Level of partnership- Gold, Silver, or Ready: Odoo partners are trained, dedicated companies that officially collaborate with Odoo to deliver services in their region. This team of fully trained developers is an expert in Odoo. They are categorized by a transparent ranking system based on the number of customer references. The higher the references, the better the ranking. It is essential to make sure that the partner is an Odoo Gold Partner.
  1. Locally located: The key to building a responsive outsourced ERP team is to have geographically local partners. This ensures a faster turnaround time and speedy response to issues. Geographical proximity also comes into play when your partners need to understand your country/state’s compliance needs.
  1. Cost-Effective: IT implementations can be a huge cost for many businesses. The combination of efficiency and cost-effectiveness is what accounts for an ideal Odoo partner. Therefore, it is best to get quotes from various partners and pick one that provides the most in the least amount.
  1. Strategic software development model: Staying ahead of the curve means adopting a strategic approach toward your ERP implementation. It would be best to turn towards Odoo partners, who follow an agile approach to their development methods. These not only provide quick results but also thrive in a highly collaborative environment. Since collaboration is an indispensable part of third-party software implementation, the agile methodology allows the outsourced Odoo partner to act as an extension of your business.
  1. Understands the importance of data security: Data security plays a pivotal role in businesses that deal with extremely confidential data. Odoo partners must understand how to store and collect this data.
  1. Support and training: Your ideal Odoo partner should be one who handholds you throughout the journey even after going live. They should support you with version upgrades, support, and migration services.

 Why is Bista the right Odoo partner?

A fair balance of evaluation and expertise is what builds toward a successful ERP implementation. We have worked for over a decade with 250+ clients across industries to implement and integrate Odoo for them. We use agile methodology to provide a consolidated service throughout the various phases of the development of an enterprise solution.

We are official Odoo Gold Partners in North America (United States and Canada) and we have been Odoo partners for over a decade. We are also proud winners of Odoo Best Partner ( North America) for 2015, 2016, 2018, 2021, & 2022.

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And here’s what sets us apart:

  • We take extensive measures to understand your business needs
  • We are official Odoo Gold Partners in North America
  • All our developers are located in US and Canada
  • We follow agile methodology to implement Odoofor you
  • We adjust our costs according to your budget

Let’s work together to streamline your business operations. Reach out to our Solution Architects for a free consultation now.