How Loyalty Program Runs in Odoo POS Module.

What is Loyalty Program:

A loyalty program offered by company to customers who frequently make purchases.
After Customer get registered their personal information with the company and they are given a unique identifier, such as a numerical ID or membership card, and use that identifier when making a purchase.

Going forward in this article we will see how to handle Loyalty Program by offering Rewards Card in Odoo.

We have integrated Rewards Program and Store Credit Concept in the POS Module.

Following section describes that.

Rewards Program:

Rewards Points Rules:
Each Company has some rules for Earned and Redeemed Points calculation. Following screenshot shows how to configure those rules in the system


From the above screenshot following is the significance of each field configuration:

Points : how much points you will get for each purchase based on the monetary value and  purchase total.

Monetary Value : Minimum POS order total amount to earn the specified points.

Threshold Points : Minimum Points which allows the customer to redeem it in the next purchases.

Threshold Monetary Value : Amount you can pay for purchases using rewards points.

Reward Journal :  Accounting Journal Configuration which will track all the transactions paid by Rewards.

We are storing all the information about whether customer is eligible for the rewards program or not, earned and redeemed points in the customer profile which look as follows:

Earned and Redeemed points are getting calculated during POS Transactions only if “Activate My Rewards” Configuration in the customer profile is checked.


 Following screenshot shows how customer can redeemed their earned points during POS transactions.


While doing payment processing for POS transactions above window will be visible which shows Total Points as Total Earned Points, Points Balance as Subtraction of Earned and Redeemed points and Points Value as how much amount they can pay by using reward points based on the rules configured in the system.

Store Credit Concept:

Store credit comes into picture when customer asks for the returning of product i.e for refunding of amount that time company may denies to give them money in the Cash or to deposit money in the Credit Card, but they can store that amount so that customer can use that same amount during the next purchases.

Store Credit Configuration:

Following screenshot shows the configuration of the Store Credit:


Store Credit Journal :  Accounting Journal Configuration which will track all the transactions paid  by Store Credit.

We are storing all the information about Store credit amount stored and used in the Customer Profile which looks as follows:


Following screenshot shows how the customer can use stored store credit amount during purchases:


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