Manage Your Projects in Odoo Project Management Module

By Using Odoo Project Management Module – Developed By Bista Solutions

Generally in the manufacturing industry, the process of manufacturing a complete product successfully is only possible if there is the availability of raw materials but managing the raw material is very difficult to overcome this difficulty Bista Solutions developed Odoo Project Management. Similarly in other industries also many assignments are always depended upon the completion of the subtask. but it is very difficult to maintain and track the list of those dependent tasks. To overcome the hectic process of managing raw material, products, supply lines, etc. Odoo Project Management automated the whole process with ease.

To simplify that, Bista Solutions has developed the Odoo Project Management module in which the user can track the status of the dependent task as well as the successful task.

Let us see the demo using Odoo.

Initially, login in your Odoo Account

Odoo Open Source

After login- In projects, you need to create a New Project.

Open Source ERP Implementation

Usually, after creating the project basic task are defined

Create the Task —>Go to Tasks —>Locate the Task and click on it.


Click on Dependencies


Now, under a successor, you will find a particular task that can be only completed after the completion of the main task.

In the below-given example, the task “A” (Fitting Choke/ Coil & LED to Ficture) is only possible after the completion of the Task “B” (Purchase of choke).


Let us create the Predecessors.


Now, here to complete the Task “C” (Create Ficture Capacity 20 Bulb) it is important to complete the Task “A” (Fitting Choke/ Coil & LED to Ficture)


Finally! Using the Predecessors and Successors module developed by Bista Solutions. we can bring more transparency to our Project Management with the help of Odoo Project Management.

With Odoo Project Management you can easily assign roles, tasks and can track the update of allocated tasks.

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