Odoo Supply Chain Management

Odoo Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management In Odoo

The supply chain can be depicted as a chain of services that come together to offer an overall service to deliver the finished product to the customer

If managed perfectly it can be the backbone of your organization’s success since the ultimate goal of all the organization is the promotion and sales of their product which is directly dependent on the manageability of the production aspects.

The basic Supply Chain process consists of:

  1. Supplier: They would supply the raw materials for the final product
  2. Manufacturer: Once they receive the raw material from the supplier they would start the manufacturing process on the final product
  3. Distributor: Once the final product is manufactured, Distributor will now send the final product to the customer
  4. Customer: Once the customer receives the ordered product in a good condition the flow stops there

The Basic Flow that SCM Follows are:

  1. Information Flow: Here the information is provided by the customer or by any service that is passed throughout the process
  2. Material Flow: Material flow starts from left and moves towards the right. That is from supplier to manufacturer – it keeps on upgrading till it becomes the final material and is delivered to the customer
  3. Cash Flow: Cash flow starts from the right and moves towards the left which is from the customer. When the customer invoices the product, the invoice amount is divided between all the services
  4. Reverse Flow: Like cash flow, the reverse flow starts from the right and moves towards the left. In case of faulty product or the customer is not satisfied with the product they might return in and ask for a refund at such occurrence reverse flow happens

Odoo for Supply Chain Management

To manage all the flow efficiently and to keep it hassle-free. The feature-rich ERP is always a great solution. Since we are talking about feature-rich ERP, Odoo is all that you need

All the major aspects of SCM such as supply, manufacturing, distribution and all the flows can be managed easily with Odoo

Listed below are some of the key features which will be a smart assistance to accelerate your SCM.

All-in-One Business Solutions

  • One of the uniqueness of Odoo is all its applications are interlinked with each other. This will be a great advantage to your supply chain process
  • When a customer places an order in the e-shop, Odoo will automatically create the Sale Order in the backend
  • Once you confirm the SO it will create a purchase order of raw material for the supplier
  • Once you receive the products in the inventory from the supplier then Odoo will create the manufacturing order for the manufacturer
  • Now, the manufacturer assembles the end product with the provided raw materials and sends it out to the retailer or directly to the customer
  • Once the manufacturing is done and the end product is out for delivery, Odoo will generate the invoice for the same and once the invoice is paid it will register the payment which would be the end of the process
  • All the discussed processes are happening in different applications but automated with Odoo. You will not have to hop into different applications to get things done

Maintain Classified Inventory for Better Traceability 

  • Inventory Management is the most important aspect of SCM. The more detailed your inventory is, the easier it becomes to troubleshoot the problem
  • Odoo follows a double-entry system for inventory management so you can track every detail of your product transaction
  • So in the case of reverse flow, it is easier to track which location the issue occurred and the authorized person can act on it
  • In Odoo we have Reordering Rules, Routes and Automatic Replenishment with these features you will never run out of stock or be overstocked

Efficient Manufacturing

  • With Odoo Manufacturing you can set up BoM, Multi-level BOM’s, Advance Material Requirement Planning(MRP) and many more features for hassle-free Manufacturing planning
  • You can have different work centers for different processes and can track the duration of the manufacturing time in the specific work center

Interactive Reporting

  • With Odoo’s interactive advance  reporting. In a single click, you can have detailed information of your process be it sales, purchase or manufacturing. You can also create an interactive dashboard with the required information

Why Bista?

Bista Solutions has implemented advanced solutions for many of the clients in various countries. Bista Solutions was awarded as Odoo Best Partner across North America this year, increasing our win-rate to four, with previous ones being in 2018, 2016 and 2015. If you need any assistance or customization for your Odoo Apps or to set up an advanced SCM for your organization, connect with our ERP experts. Simply schedule a free consultation or demo with us using the Contact Form on our website.