Odoo V10 Amazon Connector Module

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  • Mar 31, 2017
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It can integrate, amazon-sellers manage and connect all your amazon seller account operations from odoo and can save your time by instantly entering items and inventory data to amazon.It is being very much essential to amazon seller account with odoo, if you are a seller on Amazon Marketplace and using odoo for all other business operations.

Odoo Amazon Connector module automates your vital business processes and eliminates the need for manual data-entry in odoo by enabling bi-directional data exchange between Amazon Marketplace and Odoo.

Amazon Seller Account Management is so easy in Odoo:

Firstly the user must be given all the access rights so that it is easy to go through the whole integration process of amazon.

After the complete installation of the module, an instance is to be created in amazon in which the credentials are needed such as access key, marketplace id, secret key and merchant id etc.

We can see from the image described below:


Then by clicking on amazon and then on shops, e could see that a shop has been created as follows:


By clicking on this the whole detailed description could be seen and various important parameters are there-


Request Products Report means that whenever we click on this the report status of the product will be checked and secondly an unique id is generated for every product as mentioned and you could also see in the above image.

Import products means the same products which are present on the website of amazon could be integrated with odoo as well and their price and quantity could be updated as well which directly could be seen on the amazon website.

Import inventory is linked with the inventory adjustments in inventory module and import orders with the sale orders in sales module and we could see those orders from amazon website.


Fulfillment by Merchant/Merchant Fulfilled Network

Merchant fulfilled network simply refers to sellers shipping their own products directly from homes, businesses or warehouse after receiving their orders through Amazon.This means that locating the stock, packing the orders, arranging for the shipping and providing all customer service is the direct responsibility of the seller.

One clear advantage of using merchant fulfilled network is that amazon sellers can ensure that the packaging is completely safe.Sellers can also create custom packaging to differentiate their Amazon store from competitors.

Merchant Fulfilled Network sellers have the advantage of packaging and shipping their products exactly the way they want. But, that means they also have to pick, pack, ship, and handle customer service.

This was all about Odoo-Amazon Connector Module of Odoo version 10.

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