Odoo Website Builder: Benefits & Features

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Odoo website builder is an easy and customizable application through which customers can create their own website and can edit anything online. There is no technical knowledge required for creating a website.

Features of odoo website builder:

1. Attract new visitors efficiently

2. Designer Templates

3. Edit anything Inline

4. Multi Languages Made Easy

5. Professional Odoo website templates

Let’s understand each one of them one by one:

  • Attract new visitors efficiently:

Whenever any new viewer visits the website he/she is automatically attracted by the various new features of the website builder. The promote tool suggests keywords according to google’s most searched terms. Search engine optimization tools are ready to use with no configuration required.

  • Designer Templates:

Templates are awesome and easy to design. There is no need to create and develop new pages, themes or building blocks but you can simply use bootstrap CSS.

  • Edit Anything Inline:

Odoo’s unique technique of ‘edit inline approach’ makes website creation surprisingly easy with no more backend required and can just click anywhere to change the context

  • Multi Languages Made Easy:

You can get your website translated into multiple languages with no efforts. Odoo propagates translations automatically across pages, following what you edit on the master page.You can update any part of your website and the translated versions are pushed within few hours.

  • Professional Themes:

With Odoo website builder, you can design your custom theme or you can also use predefined Odoo website templates to customize the look of the website. You can just in one click change the theme of the entire website.

Odoo E-commerce Website

Odoo ecommerce website is just like modern open source online store through which you as the owner can create custom designs for product pages to showcase one’s business in a unique way. You can even add product attributes such as color, size and style to keep product lines easy to navigate. You as the owner can also edit product pages with ease so that the product information is displayed in the way you want to see it.

With an integrated e-commerce platform, inventory and sales can also be maintained via automatic stock adjustments and reporting. Dedicated customer portals help to keep customer data organised with order tracking and claims allowing customers to download invoices and delivery orders as well as view pending shipments from a single location.

Features of Odoo website builder:

Basic Features:

  • Design an attractive homepage

  • Create a blog

  • Set up a webshop (ecommerce)

Let’s have a look at what these features actually do in-depth

  • Designing Attractive homepage

  • General presentation of Odoo website builder

  • Edit menu and structure your pages.

  • Use drag and drop building blocks

  • Resizing and positioning elements on your page.

  • Blogging

  • Install the blog app

  • Activate more blog functions and edit our first blog post.

Odoo website builder blogSetting up workshop:

  • Install e-commerce application

  • Manage your products

  • Online sales are visible in our system

  • Entirely integrated with our odoo system i.e managing sales, warehouse and invoicing as usual.

Odoo website builder online shop

This was all about odoo website builder, we hope this short snippet would have helped you in getting some insights about odoo.

Stay tuned for more information on odoo.

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