Open Source ERP for Manufacturing Industry

Open Source ERP

Open Source ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) for manufacturing industry:

Odoo (previously known as OpenERP) one of the leading Open source Business software offers more than 500+ modules provide an add-on advantage to Manufacturing Industry as it covers all your manufacturing needs and requirement.

Odoo Manufacturing Module offers you with the capability to have a perfect integration across the organisation, say for eg. Sales forecasting till production planning, (MRP) Material Requirement Planning, Inventory, (BOM) Bill of materials, Warehouse Management, Maintenance etc. (Odoo) perfectly suits all those small and mid-sized manufacturing companies who are looking out for a customised and low-cost Business application to manage their entire activity.

(Odoo) ERP for manufacturing industry allows you with excellent suppleness with the wide range of production methods. Odoo Manufacturing Module allows you to achieve competitive advantage in a dynamic marketplace.

Open ERP manufacturing modules offers you with a wide range of features such as Purchasing and receiving of materials, Material verification, capacity planning, scheduling, performance, cost estimation, lot tracking, MRP – Material Requirement Planning.

Odoo for manufacturing industry allows manufacturing industry to improve yield and effectiveness in working, Open ERP for manufacturing industry covers maximum aspects of the manufacturing process. Also being open source it allows you to integrate and synchronise with the variety of other Modules and third party software which allows you to have a single integrated software system.

Another Advantage of Odoo for manufacturing industry is that it does not involve huge investment which is out of reach of small and medium-sized industries (SMEs) if applying for Proprietary ERP solutions

The Odoo solution enables manufacturers to compete in the existing market environment. It allows manufacturers to develop proper planning and schedule. Due to its web-based capability, you can even share the communication within Odoo through Web.

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(Enterprise Resource Planning) for the manufacturing industry