Open source erp for SME – OpenERP – OpenERP implementation for SME

Small and medium sized companies – sme or smb especially can’t afford to have a high budget on the technological aspect of the company. The biggest problems are that they might not be able to afford the proprietary software or ERP solutions for their Small businesses. Any organization more than 100 people might required an ERP solution to stream line their business Process and for proper management.

Keeping in mind Bista solutions official partners of OpenERP which is one of the leading open source erp tool available in today’s market with more than 500 + modules came up with an evaluation package or initial package of OpenERP, which is a cost effective OpenERP pricing can be initiated by small business to make a start with.

Bista Evaluation Package  – Some of the basic features of Trail or Evaluation package of OpenERP is that it provide you with your selected modules which is out of the box available. Some of the high level modules availability which any organization requires is as follows

  • Sales Management module including the CRM module
  • Marketing Management module
  • Purchase management
  • Warehouse Management which include inventory management module
  • Human resource management
  • Financial management with cost and analytical accounting features – In this you can even select the different chart of accounts as per your country requirement
  • Manufacturing firms may require the – Manufacturing Module with BOM – etc.

The above module is implemented onto the case to case basis as per the client requirement. The advantage of using this evaluation package is that you don’t have to spend high amount and you get a quick start towards the implementation – normally it takes long time even years in just planning for the implementation of ERP software.

Another best advantage of this tool is that being open source the source code is with you, mean that you have the software as an asset, where you can add further modules and customize it in future.. .  Yes of course there is no recurring fees or licensing fees.

This evaluation package is available for Trading, Manufacturing, Online merchants, eBay merchants and for merchants

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