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Save India Save: Every day hearing about the adoption of Open source technology which is giving a boost to many countries motivated us to write on the adoption of Open source technology for the fast developing countries like India & others. Seen on many websites onto the saving which India can do on adopting Free & Open source technology last year was around 2 billion $ as per the study conducted by IIM – B.

The Open Source revolution began at least two decades ago, but businesses and programmers are still struggling to understand the best way to share wonderful code and pay the mortgage. The basis of adopting Free and open source technology is not only the term “Free” but it allows a mind for new technology experiment which is not the case with Proprietary software. As discussed in my earlier postings that “Open Source” makes the source code available for modification, customization, and improvement. It supports and encourages innovation by developers. Therefore, it is not just free in terms of cost, but also in allowing the user the freedom to innovate. The use of open-source software program lowers the cost of IT in more ways than one.

We came across with many educational institutes which use Linux as their main operating system because primarily it reduces the cost and as Linux is under a general public licensing model, it can be installed on many computers without any restrictions to all the students. And apart from these advantages Linux is built on a collaborative development model and offers the user speed, security, and stability, which considered to be saved and safe.

Apart from Linux, whatever vertical you belong to, whichever product you prefer – Everything comes down to the point – how flexible is the architecture – to seamlessly integrate 3rd party tools or new extension of work. Your business may be as complex as it may be, so an open source would be much effective as compared to the rigid software for Mission-critical business processes.