OpenERP Magento Integration – Success

Does Magento work well with OpenERP?

That’s the biggest question any eCommerce vendor ask before selecting the ERP software. In the fast growing eCommerce industry, the online merchant has many options while selecting eCommerce platforms such as Magento, Drupal, Zencart, OS commerce, etc. Our research (both primary & secondary) tells us that Magento is probably the best eCommerce platform available today.

Advantages of using Magento:

Community: It’s big, it’s talented, and it’s growing fast.

• Support: Minimal for the free Community Edition (CE), but eBay did buy Magento as the eCommerce platform of choice for their forthcoming X commerce suite.

Architecture: Although it may seem over-architected, never before we have worked with a system powerful enough to meet our every need. Magento is built to scale from 1 to a million, avoiding common pitfalls for developers. Code re-use, maintainability, debugging, support, etc. are all huge, expensive problems that eCommerce solutions providers must tackle. Magento makes them all a breeze.

Out-of-the-box feature set: Magento handles concepts properly and in an organized manner. Stock Magento comes with Simple, Configurable, Grouped, Bundled, Virtual and Digital Products. You can use it to sell amusement park tickets and digital music at the same time, without any extensions.

Extensions: You knew it was coming. If Magento doesn’t already do it, you can easily find someone else who already has done it. 90% chance it’s already available and most of these extensions are very economical.

There are many more advantages, but I feel those are the highlights.

Integration of Magento with OpenERP helps the merchant to sell on different online platforms. Also the eCommerce vendors can manage various stores with the help of one tool. Another significance of integration of Magento with OpenERP for eCommerce merchants is that they can handle same inventory for their different stores. OpenERP integration streamlines the business process for the online merchant using Magento platform.

All the orders on the Magento website can be processed within OpenERP thereby reducing the hassle. The Magento store is the face of your eCommerce while OpenERP acts as the backbone for the website.

Interested in Magento integration with OpenERP? Send us a message using our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.