OpenERP Manufacturing Webinar

ERP for manufacturing industry

OpenERP Webinar for Manufacturing Industry & SME’s

Bista solutions Inc. is proud to announce the OpenERP Manufacturing Webinar specifically for Manufacturing Industries and SME’s. This Webinar is for 45 minutes where you can gain valuable & powerful features of OpenERP & Manufacturing Demo.

Following are the features of our OpenERP Manufacturing Webinar

OpenERP Manufacturing:

  • Serialized and Non-Serialized Item Tracking
  • Serial No Tracking while receiving, assigning to production floor, receiving back from the production floor and also outgoing movements
  • Complete traceability available for Item Movements and Finished Goods.
  • WIP (Work in Progress) evaluation at various stages of WO (Work Order)
  • Breakdown of Standard Cost for Finished Goods in different parameters like Labor, Teardown, Amortization etc.
  • Shop Floor processing with Bar Code Scanners Integrated with system
  • Assigning Routing and Operations to BOMs (Bill of Materials)
  • Processing MO (manufacturing order) through different Routings and Operations
  • Support of Bar-Code scanning on Shop Floor Processing
  • Production Cost Analysis for Labor, Runtime Labor, Overheads, Teardown, Amortization at each stage during the routing

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