All4Cellular.com is a one-stop shop for a wide selection of cellular accessories. With the number of different brands and different phone models on the market, today comes an insurmountable number of accessories available for each individual type of phone. All4Cellular has every accessory you could possibly imagine including Bluetooth’s, Batteries, Chargers, Headsets, USB Cables, Covers, Headsets, Skins, Gels, Sleeves, Holsters, Cases, Speakers, Wired Headsets, and Memory Cards.

    The Challenge:

    The Organization was facing some of the key challenges:

    1. Separate Inventory management and shipping tool which were not integrated with these online platforms.
    2. Delay in shipment was leading to upset the customer and the Shipping tool was non-scalable in-terms of volume of business.
    3. No single system which could provide a 360 degree view and control of the business process of the company.
    4. Another challenge was maintaining separate accounting system called as Quick books which was leading to manual data entries leading to errors.

    The Solution:

    Key Implementation Features:

    1. Integration of 3 Magento Stores, 3 eBay stores and 3 Amazon.com stores
    2. Capable to handle high volume eCommerce vendor selling on multiple platforms.
    3. The website performs 4000 order processing at an average from the ERP on daily basis.
    4. Implementation of batch processing logic for orders integrated with the weighing scale.
    5. Shipping Carriers such as Endicia (USPS), UPS &Fedex; with shipping labels generation, pricing, tracking number

    The Impact:

    1. The implementation helped in having a single login to manage all the sales, purchase, Inventory, Accounting, shipping, Magento and other stores.
    2. It allowed processing more orders and paving the way for future growth after the streamline in Shipping Carriers integration.
    3. Reduction in instance of wrong-shipment with automatically detecting the package weight.
    4. All the common products and inventories can be maintained for all the online selling Channels.