Allied Metals Corporation

Client Profile:

As an innovative, future-focused industry leader, Allied Metals enjoys a commanding position in the markets they serve. They are a global supplier of high-purity, low carbon steel, and stainless-steel melt stock, and maintain large product inventories to serve customers throughout North America, Europe, and the Far East. Consequently, they offer worldwide, one-day shipment of materials that have been prepared and packaged to customer specifications.

After more than 60 years, they continue to meet their customers’ expectations for quality, responsiveness, delivery, consistency, responsibility, and depth of inventory.

    What Were The Challenges Allied Metal Was Facing?

    Allied Metal was using a SAGE ERP for more than 12 years as per their need but as their business was growing daily, SAGE ERP was not able to meet their requirements and was consuming a lot of time, efforts and money to develop all the requirements from Allied.

    Below Discussed Are The Key Challenges Faced By Allied Metal

    • Allied Metal required a powerful Quality Control process and advanced Accounting Reports with different expense sections.
    • Allied Metal required a Credit Limit functionality with Sales and QC Process incorporated with Purchases management.
    • Allied Metal required a manufacturing process with barcode label generation, separate accounting entries for WorkCentre cost at the end of Production and control for not having negative inventory valuation.
    • Allied Metal required a link between MO & PO for Simplified production, facility for having variance in Vendor bills, sections for adding charges during invoice payment & user-friendly Bank reconciliation mechanism.

    What Was The Impact On Business After Project Implementation?

    After ERP Implementation by Bista Solutions, Allied Metal experienced a stable and smooth ERP system for their users and right now, they are using ERP for their needs. They all find ERP very easier to use and manage their daily activities. All the departments like Products, Sale Orders, Purchases, Consignment Orders, Shipping, Invoicing and Payments were organized so well with the ERP. As a result, all users show their interest in ERP and provide their valuable feedback to make their needs easier.

    Frank (Chief Financial Officer), Allied Metal, Say's

    Bista has been really excellent to design and deploy our requirements to meet our needs. I can see a very good enhancement in ERP in terms of development, quality and easy to use for our users. We have been live since a month and In past 3 months, contribution and work from Bista Team has been really impressive to make go live smoother and bug-free.

    Can Bista Do It For You?

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