LA Ruche Lox Aots

La Ruche Aux Lots


Bista solutions official partners of one of the leading open source ERP tool- OpenERP integrated a full fledge ERP solution integrated with eBay store & eCommerce Magento store for a France-based Company La Ruche Aux Lots. The implementation also includes the development of full fledged e-commerce Magento store integrated with the OpenERP system. Bista Solutions has a number of years of expertise in analyzing the requirements of the retail management ERP software industry and developing applications to meet their business retail management ERP needs.

    The Challenge:

    The Organization was facing some of the key challenges:

    1. Company required affordable, agile solution to survive and thrive in an industry with fierce competition and thin margins
    2. Order processing required manual typing and retyping customer information, slowing sales processes and risking errors.
    3. Lack of analysis and reporting.
    4. Maintaining real time inventory for the huge selection of beads.Another challenge was that the firm was only selling their products through one online channel– eBay

    The Solution:

    1. Initially implemented Odoo OpenERP integrated with eBay store, further more Magento website development in the name of and integrated with Odoo OpenERP
    2. Both implementation provided a Single login to handle multiple online store which gives an integrated view of the entire business
    3. Implemented Odoo OpenERP to provide analytic’s and give a 360 view development

    The Impact:

    1. The implementation helped in having a single login to manage all the sales, purchase, Inventory, Accounting, shipping, Magento and eBay stores.
    2. Eliminated the risk of selling items not in stock because stocks levels are maintained in Odoo OpenERP and synched with EBay store
    3. Increased the efficiency of operations, logistics and finance by 20% by reducing manual processes.
    4. Business working environment has become noticeably more dynamic and target-driven due to access to real-time reporting