Visdom is a Canadian-based Mortgage Company.Their expertise is in Mortgage lending and they are committed to building the long-lasting relationship with their customers. The Visdom team is made up of highly qualified mortgages professionals with an established industry presence. Bista Solutions has a number of years of expertise in analyzing the requirements offer fully fledge PSA software and developing applications to meet their business PSA software for small & large companie needs.

    The Challenge:

    The Organization was facing some of the key challenges:

    Data was scattered and across 6 different applications were used to complete one mortgage application. The mortgage applicant has to go through more than 50 pages per user, if data capture is done on paper.

    The Solution:

    To deal with different time zones, we structured a modular design strategy where modules were developed one at a time. This allowed for better development flow. This strategy allowed for a successful project implementation. We started with Atmail Integration for mail server integration. Next we moved on to Morweb, Visdom web form, Equifax and UW applications. We also made an online Task list wherein the client has the ability to upload their tasks every day and mark the tasks when finished. This gives the client clear visibility into the status and updates of the project on a daily basis.

    Key Implementation Features:

    Below are the 6 application with which Odoo was integrated to give a one stop solution.

    For smooth change management we interacted with all stakeholders, fully understood and documented the changes in roles and responsibilities of all the affected areas and worked very diligently and patiently to help them to skill up on the NetSuite practice. Intensive training and prolonged handholding provided the necessary change management desired to achieve the targeted adoption of ERP methodology and tools.

    Atmail : Visdom was using external mailing application to manage their Emails. They wanted Odoo to connect with Atmail and fetch all contacts and calendar/event details from Atmail to Odoo.

    Morweb : This is Canadian Mortgage applications that checks the client details and assign an Application number for the mortgage application. It checks to make sure the customer has provided all necessary details.

    Visdom : This is a Visdom internal web form. An Odoo connector was developed with this web form. It authenticates required details from Odoo onto the web form and vice-versa. This Visdom Web form was developed by the Bista Solutions Web team.

    Equifax : Equifax is a Canadian Credit check application. Whenever users apply for a mortgage, Odoo Communicates with Equifax and returns a Credit score to Odoo. This becomes an eligibility criteria for the user to proceed with a mortgage.

    Underwriting App : This Application was for the underwriters of a Mortgage. Once the Mortgage has been approved the underwriters are assigned and they manage the client mortgage information and processing.

    The Impact:

    Visdom is using the application for the Mortgage Applications Management purpose. As he can capture all the information of his applicants online and he is literally out of paperwork. The application is designed with huge number forms to capture details in a single view as a mortgage application requires all basic and high level information of the applicant that can go out to more than 50 pages per user, if done in paper.