Interpret Unlimited Group


(IUG) Interpreters Unlimited group is a US based leading Event Management Company.Bista Solutions has a number of years of expertise in analyzing the requirements offer ERP for security software and developing applications to meet their business ERP for security
service needs.

    The Challenge:

    The Organization was facing some of the key challenges:

    IUG was using multiple software systems for various business activities such as accounting and payroll, Task management and Timesheet, CRM etc. They were looking for an integrated system which can allow them to take the entire requirement into one system. This would help them to minimize the system cost and improve the coordination between teams.

    The Solution:

    After understanding the Business requirements, Bista Suggested Open Source ERP (Odoo) as a platform which will take all the business needs together.

    Bista Implemented Below ERP Modules

    • CRM
    • Event Management
    • Project Management & Task Management
    • Accounting
    • Document Management
    • Customer Portal
    • Vendor Portal

    Replaced with

    • Quick Books
    • IUX Application

    Customized Implementations

    Some of the Business needs where unique, there was no default module available in the ERP, Bista’s professional team has customized and redesigned system according to IUG Business needs


    Below are some of the Customized Implementations

    Key Integrations

    • Google Map Integration with Odoo

    The Maps feature helps the customer service executive to efficiently find the nearest Interpreter/Transporter for the event and also guide Interpreter with the direction and distance of the event.

    • Mobile App Integration

    An IOS/Android App is developed for the quick access of the IUG services, The ERP application designed by Bista is integrated with the Mobile App to provide customers with real-time updates and best user experience.

    • Customer/ Interpreter Portal Integration with Odoo interface

    Bista has implemented customer / interpreter portal with lot of customization as per IUG’s Business need.

    • Fax Integration with ERP System

    We also implemented an integrated system wherein the application interacts with the fax to send and receive faxes through the Interfax one of the leading providers for online faxes in USA.

    • Data Migration from legacy system to new advance Odoo.

    Bista has also successful migrated complete Business data of IUG dated back to January 2006 from their legacy system IUX and QuickBooks.

    • EDI Implementation

    By using electronic data transfer method, we have successfully implemented the claims processing for the medical industry. With this implementation IUG has become a vendor of Amerisys, a billion dollar company for processing and providing services for all claims submitted by Amerisys. IUG provides service for the claims and sends a bill to Amerisys in an encrypted 837P format, a standard format in US for processing profession medical claims. With this it became easy for IUG to automatically process the customers insurance claiming process.

    • Customized Reporting Dashboards

    Bista has implemented the customized reporting dashboard for various levels of user groups like for Operations, Accounting and Management Dashboards. These Dashboards provide a very intuitive UI (User Interface) with the consolidated reports on various data and present it to the users. Also, in Dashboard we have provided graphical representation like, Bar Graph, Line Graph and Pie Charts for better UI presentation to the Users.

    The Impact:

    The ERP Implementation done by Bista Solutions helped IUG in number of ways, such as,

    • Cost Effective
    • Integrated System
    • Saves Time & Efforts
    • Organized and allied work experience
    • High-end professional services company