aardvark communications

aardvark communications

How we implemented an ERP project end-to-end within 45 days, all virtually

Thomas S Monson once said that “our most significant opportunities will be found in times of greatest challenge.”

Something similar happened when we had to design and launch our enterprise solution project for our client Aardvark during the times of COVID-19, when all the teams were working from home. Knowing the end-to-end designing and implementation of this project will be conducted virtually, we saw this challenge as an opportunity.

We provided solutions to each of their business needs, and implemented multiple modules for them in a record time of just 45 days. During these extraordinary times too, our diverse team continued to work seamlessly on this project aiming to complete the implementation in such a short

    Here’s what we did:

    Our client

    Aardvark is a company that offers home and business security installation and equipment solutions across Southeastern Ohio. They are also known for their tailored security solutions offered by their robust sales and installation engineering team.

    aardvark communications

    Their requirement

    As a company that prioritizes customer service, having transparency in business operations is imperative. Multiple roadblocks were a deterrent to this:

    Disintegrated systems: Aardvark was using multiple systems to conduct varied operations. These standalone systems did not communicate with each other and resulted in double entry and duplication of data. This in turn caused human errors and loss of work hours.

    Mobile compatibility: Since most of their customer service agents are on-the-go, it is important for their business to have a mobile responsive platform. Because of this, their field service agents had to get access to a laptop to input project progress. Ultimately spending longer on each project.

    Subscription management: For a business that provides equipment as well as professional services, subscription management is extremely critical. Previously Aardvark did not have a way to track or manage their subscriptions and generate recurring invoices. Something that had an underlying impact on their customer service.

    How we implemented ERP services to manage end-to-end business operations in just 45 days

    As a qualified, certified and experienced team, Bista is always prepared to serve their clients efficiently. Here’s what our unique solutions were:

    Integrated systems: We implemented Odoo to integrate all their business operations like CRM, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting, Subscription, Project Management, Field Service, Timesheet, and Tax Cloud.

    Mobile friendly and accessible software: To eradicate this previous barrier faced by the field service agents we made sure that everyone had access to Odoo’s mobile-responsive interface. This provided access to all Odoo applications directly from their mobile phone. By providing the next level of flexibility in their business management software, this increased their reporting and tracking flexibility manifold.

    Long-term management of subscribers: We also helped Aardvark with their subscription model so that customers who had subscribed could get recurring invoices when their payment was due.

    The virtual team-effort and project launch

    Traditionally, when a project goes live, Bista representatives are physically present to help conduct a smooth transition. While these extraordinary times did not allow us to be present physically, we made sure we went a notch higher to virtually handhold our client to launch the project.

    We successfully implemented and went live with this project in record time – just a month and a half, and all of it, virtual.

    The impact of this robust project

    Driven by our consistent drive to deliver better, we were able to successfully launch the project virtually without any roadblocks.

    Better transparency- One of the key results of our implementation is that they are now able to track their finances seamlessly. Previously, Aardvark had no real-time bank reconciliation and post-implementation they are able to strengthen their bookkeeping and get real-time updates on bank reconciliations.

    Increased efficiency of employees – Our implementation also helped the Aardvark team to track their project timelines better. Ultimately enabling them to get in-depth insights into the time spent on their tasks.

    Enhanced customer service – The subscription module helps their customers with recurring invoices when their payments are due, helping increase the efficiency of customer service and customer retention.

    Implementing efficient ERP projects is topmost priority- no matter what!

    We at Bista always go above and beyond to make sure that our customers are satisfied. Even if that requires burning the midnight oil for weeks. Our team of passionate developers and ardent solutions experts is always here to understand your unique needs and help you build an efficient work environment.

    Bista Solutions provides a wide range of business applications to the leading enterprise companies. For any inquiries or assistance, contact us or email us on sales@bistasolutions.com