Bista Solutions Implements Odoo for Kalpa.Bista Solutions has a number of years of
expertise in analyzing the requirements of retail management erp software consultant to
industry and developing applications to meet their business retail management erp needs

    He also added :-

    “During a sales-conversation, we used to have only the basic client-info at hand. With Odoo customer-information, all past contacts, past sales-orders, open invoices, backorders, etc are there on the screen. During the sales-conversation, we click from one information-item to the next, and we can answer any question of the client instantly, even if someone else was handling this client”.

    Client Profile:

    Bista Solutions has implemented Odoo for Kalpa, a Netherlands based company that offers a wide range of high quality leather and fancy organizers, writing folders, event calendars and other office supplies.

    This Odoo implementation has streamlined the Business Processes and provides integrate Enterprise level management for Kalpa, across Sales, Warehousing, Stock Ordering and Fulfilment, CRM, Accounting and Financial Management.

    Shahid Bandarkar, Business Development Head, explained

    “This project was one of the smoothest implementations done by Bista solutions. Agile development methodology requires constant communication with the customer. In this case, Kalpa understood our Agile methodology very well and communicated their requirements to our team very well”.

    “ This project also required some customizations in Odoo as per the client requirements. This was easy and clean in Odoo due to its open source architecture that allows for easy customizations as per Kalpa’s business processes”

    The Challenge:

    The Organization was facing some of the key challenges:

    • Lack of a CRM and Sales management tool. Hence Management team had a difficult time taking informed decisions around Sales Strategy.
    • Kalpa uses multiples sales channels for selling. Coordinating across these  channels was difficult.
    • Kalpa has more than 100 suppliers. Hence understanding stock levels and inventory situation is critical for better inventory management.
    • Buying and Selling using multiple suppliers and distributors needed high level of coordination.

    The Solution:

    • OpenERP implementation with integrated Sales Management, CRM, Purchase management, Warehouse management and Accounting.
    • Capability of handling multiple partners and distributors.
    • Sales through consignment and normal sales management.
    • 2 way email integration for invoices to streamline the invoice management  process.
    • Complete Accounting features including depreciation Implemented.

    The Impact:

    Odoo implementation helped the customer replace all the traditional methods of managing their business processes with a complete enterprise resource management software.

    Odoo helped Kalpa to streamline all their enterprise processes and integrate them inside a single enterprise class software tool .
    Better visibility into the sales process and customer behavior.
    Kalpa can have a better view of their inventory and stock levels which in turn reduces errors and mistakes in inventory management.Manual handling of processes (using spreadsheets in Excel) has been migrated to a self-contained ERP tool. This creates better control over business processes .
    Business Intelligence and reporting capabilities have improved the efficiency and profitability.