Velodyne Acoustics, Inc. is a US based manufacturing company. They have expertise in manufacturing sub-woofers and audio products.

    The Challenge:

    The Organization was facing some of the key challenges:

    1. Organizing Velodyne’s manufacturing process was of high priority. it was important for them to be well organized in their manufacturing process.
    2. They wanted an effective scalable system which could help them to manage all the department’s functions smoothly.
    3. Velodyne required sales, purchase, RMA integration to manage their warehouse. For managing warehouse department Velodyne had a requirement of sales, purchase, RMA, and few Integrations.
    4. They wanted to integrate their webstores with a single platform and manage their shipping and inventories. Velodyne was selling their products on different web stores, they also wanted to integrate the web stores with single platform and smoothly manage the shipping and inventories

    The Solution:

    Bista implemented Odoo as the Single managing platform which can take their entire requirement.Bista Implemented below key features for manufacturing ERP case study Velodyne:

    1. Sales and Purchase Module
    2. Warehouse Management Module
    3. Manufacturing – Arena Integration with Odoo
    4. Payment (Authosize.net) Integration with Odoo
    5. Market place Integration – Magento, Amazon with Odoo
    6. RMA Module
    7. Audit Trial Module
    8. Data Migration of past and Historical Data into Odoo

    The Impact:

    The implementation done by Bista helped Velodyne to manage their day to day activities easily . Customization of warehouse module enables Velodyne to:

    1. Control Out of stock situation
    2. Improve Accuracy in Accounting
    3. Minimise Losses
    4. Effective Customer Service
    5. The Amazon and Magento Marketplace integration helped Velodyne to manage all the income orders from multiple store on single platform and minimized the manual product entries into the system.
    6. Audit Trial Module development enable Velodyne to identify and track the changes which are recently done in Odoo