Openware is a Kuwaiti Owned Company focusing on providing geospatial solutions and application software services to clients in Kuwait and the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) region. Openware provides professional services including consulting, training and technical support.

    The Challenge:

    Key Implementation
    After understanding the Business requirements, Bista Suggested Open Source ERP (Odoo) as a platform which will take all the business needs together.

    Bista Implemented Below ERP Modules

    • Sales
    • Purchase
    • Accounting
    • Human Resource
    • CRM
    • Warehousing
    • Analytic Accounting
    • Project Management

    Customized Implementations

    Some of the Business needs were unique, there was no default module available in Odoo (Open Source ERP), Bista’s professional team had to customized and redesign the ERP system according to Openware’s Business needs

    Below are some of the Customized Implementations

    • Designed Approval cycle for the confirmation of sales & Purchase order
    • Migrated all the data from legacy system to Modern ERP using Talend ETL Tool
    • Integrated Honeywell attendance system with ERP using Talend ETL Tool
    • Customized Project Management Module including timesheets
    • Customization of the Access Rights was an important part of this project. Bista developed a security restriction feature which allowed Openware executives to gain access as per the requirement.
    • Completely new Module “Helpdesk” was developed, in which support executives can log the complaint calls and update the state of the case.
    • Developed analytical accounting feature wherein the expenditure cost was automatically divided as per the department’s
    • Last but not the least, HR: Huge customization was done in the leave approval management.

    The Solution:

    Here is how Bista Solutions Helped Suitable Tech to overcome the challenges

    • Bista Solutions implemented Open ERP solution – “Odoo” and customized the manufacturing module by developing a feature of serial number tracking.
    • Bista integrated Thermal Printer with Odoo ERP to print serial numbers.
    • Developed the return merchandise authorization (RMA) Module.
    • To simplify the shipping process, Bista Integrated FedEx shipping with Odoo.

    The Impact:

    What was the Impact on Client Business after Project Implementation?

    The ERP system Implemented by Bista Solutions helped Openware in a number of ways, such as,

    • Cost Effective
    • Integrated System
    • Saves Time & Efforts
    • Organized and allied work experience
    • High-end professional services company