Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, Vprime is a market leader in the field of video testing equipment. Our specialized frame grabbers, pattern generators, test fixtures and test tools support various industry technical standards including DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI, LVDS and VGA/S-Video. In addition to service offerings of integration support, expert technical support and custom product development, Vprime serves as a worldwide distributor of Unigraf products.

    The Challenge:

    VPrime wants to generate proper output documents (Reports) and Migration of 6.0 Version of OpenERP to 7.0 Version that will bring Vprime business into a single platform.

    Key challenges faced by Vprime:

      1. Database migration from odoo 6.0 to 7.0
      2. ETL Testing
      3. Various reports generated by technical team as per migrated database.

    The Solution:

    Bista helped them to migrate database as well as create various reports. Ultimately Bista helped them in time and cost reduction and provide a more efficient platform for optimal service delivery.

    Key Implementations by Bista:

        1. Reports – Done with all reports related to Sales, Purchase, Accounting and Delivery
        2. Migration of Database 6.0 to 7.0 with OpenERP Team
          1. Migration of 6.0 for Test Database – Send database to OpenERP team for migration and once migration completed we received test database from OpenERP for QA.
          2. QA on Test Database – 1) Sales Modules Testing 2) Purchase Modules Testing 3) Accounting Module Testing 4) Manufacturing Module testing 5) Warehouse Module Testing
          3. Migrated Production Database – After testing on local and resolving bugs process to migrate of production database to Odoo 7.0.
        3. Delivered Production database to VPrime.

    The Impact:

    What was the impact of business after the implementation?

        1. Reduced cycle time
        2. Reduced Cost expenditure on Resources as well as Lower operating costs.
        3. Reduced time to benefit/rapid prototyping
        4. Optimized and Automated Sales to Accounting Flow
        5. Scalability and integration and Hardware savings