How we implemented Promotional Products ERP for Pinnacle Promotions

Promotional products erp by bista

One of the key projects that we take pride in was our software implementation for our key Pinnacle Promotions. Knowing how dynamic this industry is, we knew we had to tailor the software to suit the needs of their business. Once we were on boarded, we implemented Odoo as the promotional products ERP solutions for Pinnacle Promotions.

About Pinnacle Promotions

Pinnacle Promotions is an e-commerce company that creates a range of promotional products for businesses across industries.

Working in the industry for over 20 years, Pinnacle has screen-printed, embroidered, laser engraved, pad printed, and debossed thousands of promotional products for companies across industries. 

The ask 

As a branding company online, Pinnacle is in a very competitive industry. Sean Phuphanich, Vice President of eCommerce and Information Technology at Pinnacle Promotions, states, “Online, it’s a very competitive space and so in order to compete with that, you need to have great pricing, great service, and it has to be fast.”

To achieve this goal and supply their customers with best services, Pinnacle wanted to streamline and unify their business processes through an integrated promotional products ERP solution.

The challenges

Prior to adopting Odoo, Pinnacle was using different software for various activities like accounting, CRM, order processing, website management. 

Having disparate systems resulted in a lack of connectivity between different departments. It also meant that employees had to engage in manual data transfers from one software to another. This would waste their time and cause delays in customer response time. 

Their key challenges were:

  • Lack of connectivity between departments
  • Manual data transfers adding unnecessary labor
  • Overhead for multiple software

Seas says, “Anyone that’s using multiple separate systems, there’s always some kind of tax you pay for that, whether it’s because you’re paying for the overhead of three different companies to basically do the same thing or because people are working in very different operating models. So what you do in one CRM system is completely different on how it’s expected to happen in another accounting system.”

Our solutions

We worked closely with the Pinnacle team to design and implement a robust and integrated solution. This Odoo implementation included capabilities such as order processing, e-commerce, purchasing capabilities, and more.

Because of Odoo’s flexibility, we were able to tailor it to suit Pinnacle’s unique business processes. 

With the aim to strengthen Pinnacle’s customer relations, we also worked with Pinnacle to add machine learning capabilities to Odoo. This included auto filling data for salespeople, preventing potential mistakes based on error history, and predicting & identifying customers.

Key results

By providing answers to each of their unique needs, we implemented  several customizations for Pinnacle Promotions. 

One of the key achievements from our implementation was that Pinnacle was able to reduce the order process complexities. With an integrated system in place, they were also able to reduce errors and labor costs. 

Our add-on machine learning capabilities also assisted in speeding up the sales processes and reducing errors.

According to Pinnacle, this promotional products ERP implementation resulted in:

  •  50% faster order processing time
  • 33% lower labor costs 
  • 76.9% lower error rate 

With our implementation, Pinnacle Promotions became leaner and was able to meet their customers’ expectations faster, at better prices, and with less errors. 

As their error rate dropped from 13% to 3%, Pinnacle gained a sharp competitive advantage in the promotional products industry. With lesser errors, their customers retention rate also spiked. 

promotional products erp

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