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What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation or RPA is a software that executes routine transactions and makes data-driven decisions by replacing repetitive human activities. All businesses, big or small, ultimately aim to improve their service quality or reduce costs usually without any change in existing processes. This is where Robotic Process Automation comes in.

As a software, RPA mimics and automates business processes and tasks exactly as if they are being carried out by humans – at the same time removing the scope for human error.

In other words, RPA is about training the software robot to do new iterative tasks without changing the system involved. It simulates human work of logging into applications, entering tonnes of data, sending emails and doing other repetitive tasks. Serving as a faster and reoriented workforce, RPA can be built around repetitive computer-based tasks, decision-based tasks or tasks that require accessing more than one system to complete a process and conduct information search.


Why do we need RPA?

Imagine an instance where a robot is sitting in front of a computer observing the task being performed by you, it observes trains itself to conduct the same task without any manual intervention from you. Unlike this situation, RPA doesn’t entail any form of physical robot. It purely mimics a human work by interacting with applications in the similar way that a human being would. It also allows interpreting existing application, activating responses, controlling data, and communicating with other digital systems. RPA Solutions can be enhanced with machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.


So how can we combine the synergies of Odoo and RPA?

So, while ERP systems like Odoo are here to automate your processes, a mix of RPA with that, can help you fasten any process manifold. Since RPA is platform agnostic and it operates at the user interface level so, it can do anything that a trained software user can do. Basically, RPA combined with Odoo can drastically help remove the barriers to an ERP solution and unleash the real power of Odoo. It can easily automate all repetitive tasks carried out your employees on Odoo- like matching invoice numbers in your email and your Odoo application. Simply put, RPA can fill gaps of an ERP system like Odoo and usher in another level of resource planning known as the automated resource planning.


Have a look!

In the video below we have shown how you can automate multiple Odoo supply invoices with RPA invoice automation using UiPath

How does it work?

Instead of manually processing each invoice, we used uiPath RPA invoice automation to the following process which could drastically help you reduce repetitive tasks and also save your time.

RPA odoo invoice automation

1. This intelligent software first logs into your email and then reads all your unread emails
2. After this it downloads all the attachments in the email which has the word ‘invoice’ in it
3. It then logs into Odoo and reads and extracts the Purchase order number and the total amount from the attachment
4. It will then search for purchase order number and match it to the total number
5. Once that verification has been made, the invoice will be processed
6. And the software will send a confirmation email
7. If the invoice doesn’t match, it’ll still wend you an email stating that the invoice cannot be processed due to a mismatch
8. This loop continues till all the system reads all the attachments

When you execute this entire flow, you will be able to see how fast this process can be conducted and how the system uses its intelligence and this entire process gets automated.

The software matches the PO numbers for all the attachments in your email to check for matches and process the invoice so they can be in ready for you in your inbox. Even if the invoice does not match so it will send an email with the information about the mismatch. 


Here’s how we can help you maximize Odoo’s potential with RPA

This application of RPA is not just limited to one business unit, it can be applied to multiple repetitive tasks across business departments like marketing, HR, IT, So this is how RPA can help you reduce manual labour and also save your time.

As an increased number of decision-makers believe that RPA will lead to more productive and efficient working environments, we at Bista are constantly helping businesses to lead this change. With a strong team of developers who can drive this change seamlessly, we can help you understand how RPA can transform your business.

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