How robotic process automation (RPA) can help your business drive growth


In today’s day and age, when ‘digital transformation’ is the buzzword for every successful business, there is increased pressure on business leaders to optimize technologies that can serve as efficiency levelers. To do this, CIOs and CTOs need to utilize their workforce optimally and build a robust virtual workforce with the bricks of technology. This means a revolutionized workforce where software programs reduce the need for repetitive human efforts. The proliferation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in the business environment is one such change that can alter the business paradigm.

So, what is RPA? Simply put, RPA is a software that executes routine transactions and makes data-based decisions by replacing repetitive human task-based work. As a software, RPA mimics and automates business processes and tasks as if they are being carried out by humans – but removes the scope for human error. Serving as a reoriented workforce, RPA can be built around repetitive computer-based tasks, decision-based tasks or tasks that require accessing more than one system to complete a process and conduct information search.

How robotic process automation (RPA) can help your business drive growth

In fact, RPA’s application is not just limited to one business vertical, it can be applied to multiple repetitive tasks across business functions like finance, HR, IT, etc. Let’s see how RPA can help drive business outcomes:

1. Lighten the load on the workforce to focus on top business priorities:

RPA enables your employees to perform repetitive and administrative tasks quickly so that they can focus their energies on higher-value tasks that improve business metrics. With rule-based tasks that are now error-free, RPA not just increases your business efficiency, but also, helps wrap up tasks with more accuracy. Some tasks that RPA can seamlessly automate are:

  • Support IT tasks such as password reset, software testing, or help desk issues
  • Support customer-facing chat bots that use speech or text recognition to transcribe a conversation, take commands from humans or participate in a conversation
  • Natural language understanding and text analytics applied to unstructured content

2. Provide better customer service with customer engagement:

Your customer’s journey begins with the first impression that he forms of your brand. This encompasses all interactions and experiences at every touch-point across the customer lifecycle. The key to improved customer service is to keep a high rate of customer satisfaction through responsive teams. This is where RPA can be truly transformative. One way this can be done is by leveraging RPA to equip your employees with the right data for answers to your clients. This can help drive efficient conversations and help improve customer service. Moreover, many companies are now even deploying RPA to deliver personalized interactions and increase customer engagement through customer-facing chatbots.

3. Increase employee efficiency and productivity:

Conducting out menial and repetitive tasks can negatively affect employee happiness and productivity, in turn, affecting the organization’s capacity for growth. More meaningful work for employees subsequently increases engagement, productivity, and performance levels.

According to a Forrester survey titled ‘The Future of Work Is Still Being Written’, 64% of employees said that they prefer their employers to keep refreshing organizational technology for them to feel more satisfi¬ed and fulfilled at work. Moreover, 57% of employees even stated that they would be willing to increase their current skill set to keep up with the evolving nature of technology.

As observed by many businesses across the globe, one of the biggest advantages of using RPA or a virtual workforce is that it does not require you to replace your existing systems. Instead, it can leverage your existing systems and be identical to your human employees.

As an increased number of decision-makers believe that RPA will lead to more productive and efficient working environments, we at Bista are constantly helping businesses to lead this change. With a strong team of developers who can drive this change seamlessly, we can help you understand how RPA can transform your business.

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