Social Media Integration with OpenERP Version 7.0

OpenERP Version 7.0 Introduction

Today no organization can neglect the power of social media in today’s business. Social Media is not just a way to connect with others but a lot more in terms of brand building, lead generation, customer relationship, PR, etc. OpenERP in its new version 7.0 has exactly given what it’s needed in the current scenario. OpenERP is now integrated with Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google +, Skype, Tumblr, etc.

OpenERP effectively integrates social media into your existing system and allows you to share documents, files and media with people all around the world. OpenERP understands the importance of social links and social feeds, which is why it can now be customized to enter social network details of your contacts and partners. With that in mind, it becomes easier to contact them through Skype, instant messaging, email, and other forms of communication.

When social communication is boosted, business naturally improves. It is no secret that social media has taken over the business world and businesses cannot simply use an ERP system without using social media. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social networks can be integrated into OpenERP and when combined together, you will have a very powerful enterprise resource planning system in place. You will not only be able to contact your business partners and clients but will also be able to track their conversations which are public.

It is always easier to know what they like beforehand so that your communication is more effective. For instance, when you have access to a lead’s Twitter feed, you will know the likes and dislikes of that particular person. You can change your sales pitch to suit their tastes and effectively convert them into opportunities or better still, customers.

Business communication is often taken for granted even when companies assume they are taking it seriously. There is no way one can shift through various social feeds and contact details when your business grows. Using an ERP system like OpenERP becomes extremely important when it comes to business communication. With that in mind, OpenERP can be an effective tool to bring your email tools, social media, marketing campaigns, sales programs and client communication under a single umbrella. The resulting communication will be holistic and will satisfy not only you but also your prospective clients and customers.

In coming months, with more updates and more integration with social media OpenERP will over shine its competitors.

See screenshots of OpenERP 7.0 here.