TTC (Task to Complete) Functionality in Odoo

Bista Solutions has developed TTC (Task to Complete) feature for Service based customer.

Generally this Feature helps project manager for adequate project planning and controlling. 

Let us discuss in detail:

Project-Task Management: Project management in Odoo includes the terminology for creating project and then subdividing them into tasks. Each task has its own start date, end date, deadline and planned hours (initial planned hours); based on these parameters we can plan our project schedule, however, the deadline, start date, end date and planned hours are not interrelated to each other. As a result, if we make changes in the start date, or deadline it doesn’t get reflected to other field.

TTC-Task to complete: TTC terminology is used to calculate the start date for the respected task.

The date for the TTC is calculated as per the planned hours and deadline mentioned. The computation for the TTC Date will consider deadline as end date for the task, and will give us least start date for the respected task. Also, the computation for the TTC date would exclude weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and we will consider five days in a week with working hours as 8hrs/day.

Odoo task management

The TTC computation will be based on two parameters for the task, namely the deadline and initially planned hours.

As we can see in the above screen shot, our deadline, start date TTC and our initial planned are related to each other, we have start date TTC as 08/13/2015(Thursday), Deadline as 08/17/2015(Monday); so we need to compute our planned hours based on these parameters. In this scenario, we are having weekend hours excluded from the planned hours, so we have only three working days including the deadline date; so these would be 3*8 hours=24 hours

Computations of TTC When We have Dependencies OF Task (Chain of Task):

In the scenario where we have task interrelated with each other, we would compute start date TTC value based upon the parent task or predecessor tasks. In such case, we would find the maximum Deadline for our predecessor tasks and that would reflect as TTC for our Current Task.

To view the functionality for adding predecessor task and successor task for the respected task, we need to check the check box named as “Compute earliest start date”, when we make these check box “True” , it will compute our start date TTC based upon the task we select in our predecessor task. As a result, these would form an iterative graph for the computation of the TTC.




The change in the start date TTC will again reflect the change in planned hours based on given deadline for the task.

Note: When we compute start date TTC based upon the maximum deadline for my predecessor task; it does not make change in the deadline value, we just update our planned hours based on the deadline and TTC date computed.


As we can see in the screen shot above, we have check box “Compute earliest start date” and we will compute for TTC based upon the maximum deadline for my ‘n’ numbers of predecessor task.

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