Manage Your Project Effectively: Introducing Reporting Dashboards

In a professional company, there are many projects that need to be managed. It’s a project manager responsibility to understand how each project is performing. In today’s busy scenario it’s important for the project manager to get detailed status reports pertaining to all aspects of the project without investing too much time.

A project manager needs to view the status of his work such as check how many projects has been assigned to him, how much work has been completed and is pending etc. The challenge is to have all this information handy and available at a fingertip.

From this purpose, grew the concept of Dashboard, a simple graphical representation of diverse data which can provide on underlying facts and information. Just as a car’s dashboard gives all relevant and up-to-date information, such as speedometer about the speed of the vehicle, water temperate gauges the amount of gas in the tank and temperature of the engine.

Bista has developed Customized Dashboards which helped customer with easy and amazing reporting structure of Project Management.

The dashboard definitely provides decision makers with the input necessary to drive the business.

We came up with idea of creating the dashboards showing the necessary details pictorially & in the form of tables. The resulting dashboard that shows all the things are:



The Number of projects & tasks for the user are shown the table as:


Also the lists of tasks assigned to a user are shown as:


Showing the current week’s hours of a user categorized as billable hours, non-billable hours & process improvement hours would look good graphically. A pie chart shows all the worked hours. Hovering over the chart show the hours in numbers.

Clicking on the ‘Bar Graph’ shows the bar graph for the hours.

Clicking on the ‘Line Chart’ shows the Line chart for the hours


Clicking on ‘Export Data’ will export the details into an excel file:


Thus it helps organization’s key performance indicators to enable instantaneous & informed decisions to be made at a glance.

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