The Worst Advice we’ve ever heard about Enterprise Resource

Enterprise Resource

As a Business owner or a manager, you may have got many business suggestions/ advice from friends, consultants and other people around, but most of them would be misinformation and misconceptions which can hamper your business. Today ERP is acting as a backbone of every company. It has become an important aspect for all type of Businesses. In this article, we will be highlighting some major misconceptions which you may think about ERP system.

1. My company is too small to implement ERP, It is only for Large organizations:

This is one of the major misconceptions we hear a lot, many company owners think that they are not big enough to start with an ERP Solution. The objective of ERP software is to streamline and automate business processes across all the departments in an organization and this works with any size of companies.

ERP implementation becomes little expensive when it has to acquire huge IT infrastructure and IT staff for regular maintenance, but the latest cloud technology is a preferable solution for SME’s. Cloud ERP helps reduce the upfront cost by minimizing IT infrastructure cost and subscription fees to zero %. Moreover, Cloud ERP gives SME companies the ability to plan and execute their business as large organizations

              2. Take too long to Implement:

Another common misconception people have that most of the ERP implementation takes years to roll out. This myth is may be through the stories of large and complex implementation in the early ERP days.

Today most of the ERP systems are affordable and easy to implement, they are now more reliable and the earlier day’s issues are been transformed into advance ERP. Thus, these ERP’s systems can be implemented in reasonable time.

3. My Business Process is too difficult to convert into ERP System

This sense is a perception of difficulty; you may want your business processes should be adaptable along as company grows.

Instead of looking at how outdated business processes can be adaptable to a new phase, you need to look at the end results. Do your orders get fulfilled very fast and accurately? Are you’re shipping and payments are taken in a timely manner? ERP is beyond managing all of these business processes

                     4. ERP systems are very easy:

Another myth which people think about. “ERP software systems are very easy”. After implementing ERP system, you and your employees will have to put some time and efforts to learn the software. ERP software’s improves your business processes by increasing your business efficiency, but your employees still need to know how to use the software on daily basis. It is similar to learning new rules of the game before you start playing it.

5. Difficulty in Integrating with the devices/ other services:

A very common question people want to know before ERP implementation is that, “Will it be integrated with current – ongoing software’s”? And the answer is “Yes” Some flexible ERP solutions such as Odoo, NetSuite and Ramco can be easily integrated with any third party applications, software’s, and web portals. In fact, the data can be easily transferred from other software and portals to these ERP systems.